family fun

I hosted a quick and casual family barbecue tonight because our youngest was in town from Bend, OR.  Ed is in Cleveland, visiting his parents, who are now both 75.

Michelle & Dusty Wedding 014 This picture from our daughter’s wedding, is not yet, three years old.  Our four amazing daughters, one grandson and Ed’s parents.  The bride, and the girls in red, are our daughters.  Ed’s holding our oldest grandson.

My hair was super long then, because I was planning to donate it to Locks of Love. I didn’t know at the time of this picture, that in only two months, my new son-in-law would be undergoing cancer treatments.

Yes, he’s fine now, and still cancer free.  However, since this picture was taken, so much has changed in my life, and with our family.  That’s what I saw as I looked around  my home and yard tonight.  In less than three years, the bride and those three girls in red have totally different lives.  They’re professionals, independent, with significant others.  Good men.  And there is another grandson.  Actually, three more boys have joined the family, and call me Grandma, in addition to the two grandsons – by blood.

With burgers and brats, and decent beers, I could do nothing else but savor what may be, the first half of my life.  And it is significant to me, that both my sister and one of my fav authors, posted blogs about a humming bird in their yard.

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