the end is near

No need to stand on street corners holding “REPENT” signs.  Now we have Twitter.  The current “end” is the world of books, twice already this year, because of the power of Amazon.  Fortunately agent Nathan summed up how doom and gloom has bloomed in the novice ebook market, though Amazon has little potential to be a megalithic monster.

I finally read a whole book in electronic format, with the same enjoyment of reading a paperback novel, because it is a GOOD book.  The Centurian and the Queen was a bit raw, for my taste in a medieval romance (brutal times!)  and I would have liked a little more warm-fuzzy at the end, but otherwise, a compelling story, strong writing, and a total page-turner.  Um, page clicker?  Aside from the click, instead of flip, it’s the story that matters, not the form or format.

I love technology, and in a few years Twitter may be something I’ll use.  Technology is a tool I use to live, or a toy to enhance my life.  Future generations will wonder why there was any drama about electronic media, it will be their norm.

TEDGlobal 2009 is in process and will generate tons of fun talks to explore.  Then there is Imaginova for the constantly curious with the gateway to Space, Aviation, etc. and LiveScience.  I only found these sites because a nephew posted links on Facebook.

After dinner tonight, I watched a DVD created in honor of my in-laws journey to America from WWII refugee camps.  It was a well organized montage of pictures that showed the journey of one family, these past 60 years.  Transitioning from black and white to color photos, through changes in fashions since the 1950’s, the original family of eight became dozens of families.  It was well done, personable, with great music, and a wonderful tribute – because – my brother-in-law has the technology, and took the time.

I’ve also heard fascinating stories about how Twitter can share truth and unite people, around the world, in spite of borders and dictators.  What is a social networking toy today, has the potential to even the playing field with information, about the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  And, I’m dreaming of the day when simple, durable e-readers can be handed to children around the world, and a full library is at their fingertips.

What I got from Nathan’s blog today was – the end of fear is near – because Twitter spiked it, exposed it, and caused it to fizzle fast.  How fun is that?

I’m going to go float on the lake for the rest of the month, and contemplate my belly button.

About Terri Patrick
Writer of Romance and Memoir. Life is an adventure, take that journey.

2 Responses to the end is near

  1. Rose Lefebvre says:

    I have no idea what twitter is other than a sound a small bird makes!!


  2. terripatrick says:

    This is why the English Language is not considered – dead. Every word in it is available for new uses. 🙂


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