home again

Vacation – I think this is the first time I actually had one, ever.  8 days at a favorite spot, contemplating my navel, while enjoying a wonderful lake, doing what “I wanted to do” with my time and energy.  Even temps in triple digits was OK.   We performed the “bobbing heads” routine – that is being submerged in cool water to the neck, often wearing sunglasses and hats, while gabbing about whatever, and staying submerged until cold.  (That took hours!)

I returned home to lots of wilted flowers (even though they were watered), a full mailbox, 112 emails, 101 blog post that I follow, and pages of Facebook posts by friends and family.

While on vacation, I read Tess Gerritsen’s The Apprentice and was enthralled with how well she built the tapestry of The Surgeon into this sequel.  I’m still reading Lisa Hendrix’s. Immortal Outlaw and know I’ve found another new author to read.  Lisa is a friend and I recently read Immortal Warrior (loved it) and one of her fun backlist, To Marry an Irish Rogue...

PASSENGERS is a movie I will recommend.  There were nuances to this screenplay that I didn’t even notice until halfway through, and it is a movie I will watch again!   My only hint is, pay attention from the opening scene! I thought it was about PTSD and Anne Hathaway does a good job transforming “Claire” through her journey….  Anne is not just a cute face with amazing eyes.  The story and presentation are credits to both the writer and director.

We also watched Blindness – not a movie I will recommend because it was boring, defeating, and dare I use the word – stupid.  It’s basically about giving up and being a victim, accepting bullies and not using your personal strengths.  No human did a thing to improve their situation, and the epidemic began and ended for no reason.  If anyone viewed this movie and thought it was profound, please let me know why.

About Terri Patrick
Writer of Romance and Memoir. Life is an adventure, take that journey.

2 Responses to home again

  1. roselefebvre says:

    Ohhhh yessss! Submerged up to the heck in cool, tranquil water sounds so good! I have had to satisfy myself with taking a shower and standing naked in front of the fan to dry off! LOL


  2. terripatrick says:

    Yep, used that shower-fan trick for many years too! I like the lake better because the swimsuit shapes my body into something that can be seen in public. 🙂


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