Last night we watched the movie Horesman with Dennis Quaid.  I didn’t realize it was a “horror” movie, until we noticed the previews included.  I will say the acting was wooden, the characters one-dimensional and the plot – plodding.  I figured out the “twist” long before Quaid did, and it was his only animated scene, his expression changed!  The promo of Quaid, forensics and an apocalyptic twist caught my attention but the movie didn’t deliver.  Disgusted and bored, I wondered why the movie was made, and what audience it attempted to reach.   I can’t imagine what targeted age or demographics would find anything appealing about this movie.  Oh well.

On Monday I read a review about a category romance called, PregnesiaFrom the review, this book has so many wacky twists and ridiculous plot points, it’s almost awesome.  The reviewer certainly thought so!  For avid romance readers, a pregnant anmesiac embroiled in an intrigue with a former special-ops, is great enetertainment.  In romancelandia, amnesia means memory loss of only the most important plot clue, and does not include any other physical or intellectual limits, for the sake of the story.  The prolific author (of Pregnesia) responded in a very positive way, to the review, which made more people determined to buy the book.    This woman knows her audience.

On Saturday, we watched the movie Doubt.   I recommend this movie!   The promo for this, a nun, a priest and a blurb stating it is set in 1964, is a clear message to the audience, of the potential story.   Doubt is not targeted to a genre, like horror or romance, though the movie included themes of victimization and sex.  For me, the greatest power of the movie was delivered in the last minutes, and the dedication at the end, to Sister James.

Earlier today I met through blog world, a new friend who included in her post, Shakespeare’s words, “All the worlds a stage, and all the men and women merely players…”   This phrase has tickled my thoughts lately because I take exception with the word, “merely”.   I see things differently.  We may be players on the stage of life, but we chose to be so, and the power of our role, is tied to our will and soul.   Which means we are also our own author and audience to the story of our life.  How cool is that?

Any wonder why I love romance novels?  They all include a happily ever after.

4 thoughts on “audience

  1. Terri,
    Our synchronocity continues…I work for Mandate who produced HORSEMEN and yes it is AWFUL. I’ve been servicing it around the world and it’s created havoc for the company because it was so horrible. What the producers and directors intended was not what was created. Your post made me laugh.

    I loved your insight on the word “merely” and yes, our “will and soul defines the power of our roles”. My interpretation, is when there is drama in our lives, which there is bound to be this idea that we are on a stage can help us to fine the distance and the space to gain perspective and perhaps not take it all too seriously.

    Loving the discourse…your new friend,
    – Stacey


  2. Wow! You have my sympathies! I can’t imagine the dilemma of promoting something you know will not be well received by customers and reflect badly on the company you work for.

    It’s too bad what was envisioned didn’t make it to the screen. Or maybe it’s good, some of the strongest story lines I saw, if developed more, may have made me cringe even more.


  3. Terri,

    I came across your blog tonight. My Google alert service actually directed me to it because you used a “stage of life” phrase in your piece. Normally I move on if the article doesn’t pertain to my business but I actually took a moment to read your story and wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed it.

    Have a wonderful summer,


    P.s. We always welcome writers like you to our project

    Eric Thiegs


  4. Eric,
    Thanks for posting. Your site is amazing and it will take me a little time to wander through it all, but I need to get to bed now. 🙂

    Yeah, there are stages in life and they all boil down to – today – with so much potential for tomorrow…


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