a catholic day

Catholic means universal; comprehensive; broad in sympathies, tastes, or interests.   I once heard a well known Angelic-channeler state to the audience that she was a “recovering catholic”.    I assume she meant, recovering from the Roman Catholic Church dogma and traditions as taught and promoted in her personal (not universal) childhood.   My amusement that day, was politely silent.  But I still chuckle at the word choice, since this psychic teacher’s message is all about connecting to the universal energy of God and the Angels.  Which is very Catholic of her.

Today I visited Mount Angel Abbey in St. Benedict, OR, which has their own Post Office.  Then we toured the town of Mt. Angel, renown locally for its Oktoberfest.  My sister-in-law, Carla, fell in love with this tiny, German flavored, very Roman Catholic, town.  The only church is St. Mary’s and the Vespers chimed at noon from The Abbey, and rolled across the beautiful countryside.  It’s good Carla fell in love with this town.  Her husband and daughter want her to move to Oregon – but –  as she visited place after place, trip after trip, for years, Carla never FELT right anywhere, until today.

To move to Oregon from Ohio, they had lists of geographic, environmental, and economic requirements for the potential locale to create a “retired” lifestyle near daughter and grandchildren.  All the items on the list faded at the emotional delight Carla felt as the noon chimes began and then later, while eating wonderful food, as she viewed a quiet little town,  knowing the monks are alive and chanting at the top of the hill.   This town is only a few miles from The Oregon Gardens in Silverton.

It’s important for Carla to FEEL GOOD about where she may live.  She’s a Reiki Master, Cranial Sacral and Crystal Therapy Practitioner who would happily pray the rosary with her clients, if they ask.  She’s got an amazing, singing, voice that is usually amplified by the acoustics in churches.  Carla also knows how to can and dry foods, she volunteered at a hydroponic garden for years, and she knows all about bugs and birds.   She’s the ultimate example of who-we-are is not just what-we-do for work.  Her “job” is as a teachers assistant for special-ed students at her local high school.  She’s also a grammar maven, currently editing my memoir.

So yes, I am amused that some Roman Catholics feel the dictates of universal spirituality is in Italy, on this planet.  But if the rich traditions and focus on prayer and music (or food)  is what brings my brother, and his wife Carla, within a few hours drive of where I live, I’ll just celebrate!

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