The Wilds of August

24 years ago, my oldest started school.   The new year, for a mother, begins in September. In 2007 my youngest graduated High School and I was so disoriented that no ‘new year’ started that fall, I returned to school after the calendar New Year.   Never underestimate the power of empty-nest confusion.  Fortunately a new grandson arrived in October and I toned back my scholastic goals (math requirements!) in favor of savoring new baby softness and stinky diapers.

Truly, I’ll take stinky diapers over college math any day.  A counselor actually explained: the math requirement is so I’m prepared, for potentials in my career path, when formulas are needed (to determine the length of a wall).   Years of fiscal and project budgeting experience in corporate America, and at home, doesn’t count for math credits.  Nor is owning a tape measure.  A new school year is not beginning for me, this year, but every cell in my body is conditioned into this time frame.   It’s familiar, and the mid to end of August is for savoring every delight of summer.

This past weekend we watched 17 Again, a wacky time travel story.  I’m not sure what ZacEfron fans will ‘get’ from this amusing movie.  The message is, life can suck for 20 years as a parent, but if you finally get to know your kids, all screw-ups are magically fixed.   Much more fun is the latest Indiana Jones movie.  We saw this in theaters too.

The book I read is “Why Catholics Can’t Sing; The Culture of Catholicism and the Triumph of Bad Taste” by Thomas Day.  (pub 1990)  You can check some excerpts here, or Google it, there’s pages on this book/topic.  🙂

Here’s a great summer vacation to savor if you haven’t had one.  Our summer will end in a big event, with tons of friends and family.  Then the new year will begin for me.  I’ve already rec’d contest entries to judge, have a tight schedule for my novel-in-process, plus other projects pending.  Which means these final weeks of August will be as wild as I can make them.  Why?  Because in a writer’s life, everything is research, and who wants to read a lazy book?

About Terri Patrick
Writer of Romance and Memoir. Life is an adventure, take that journey.

2 Responses to The Wilds of August

  1. loved this post – relate to its every word – i’m now into the realm of great grandchildren!! so i’ve had more than a few empty nests – and thanks so much for mentioning my blog[s] – drop by them all whenever you’re in the neighborhood – always love hearing from you – thanks for coming – and do come again soon – have a great day! jenean


  2. terripatrick says:

    jenean – I follow your blogs through google reader and consider them part of my morning routine now. It’s a pause to connect to a greater spirit, before the details of my day. That they are beautifully visual and have your poetic insights makes it more personal too!


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