stale cookies-no bees

Ahh, I had a wonderful 9-day vacation that included tons of fun, family and friends.  Ed and I are now married 29 years – which includes 4 daughters, 7 moves, (and many career changes), 2 + 3 grandsons, 6 airplanes, 2 boats, 2 dogs, 2 cats, numerous cars, trucks and vans,  (only 1 major car accident) and recently, a weekend place on an airpark.  This is where we vacationed, and every day was wonderful.  I kayaked around the lake every morning, went to the falls – twice, and had amazing pizza at the new Deschutes Pizza Co…

A few days before our vacation, someone in the neighborhood dosed a dumpster, during the day, with bee killer, which meant all the bees returning in the evening, had no place to call home – so, yellow-jackets and wasps terrorized the whole lake community.  Every property has 2-3 or more bee traps hanging around.   The 5 we hung through our week of vacation were all loaded within hours.  No one got stung – many of us are allergic!

There were two incidents where a motorcycle came in contact with deer, near stop signs.  Deer don’t read signs, but stopped both motorcycles on-the-spot, which wasn’t too pleasant for the riders.  Both riders will recover, one (a friend) decided he’s done with motorcycles and will stick with large trucks, even for quick trips to the corner store.  I didn’t ask about the recovery of the deer.

Other aspects of our vacation included talking about career, relationship and property concerns.  I was just a fascinated listener too all of this.  But I also noticed interesting connections and similarities to how much time and energy is spent when there is fear and lack of communication.  Many consider their agenda, should be the agenda for all.  But then I know one of my new neighbors, Rita, is rapidly dying of cancer.  I knew Rita was sick when I met her, even though she didn’t know it then.  Instead Rita happily showed us through her new home, and Ed and I kept noticing she had similar end-tables, and other furnishings, to ones we owned for years, until we recently distributed them to our girls as they moved out.  Rita will move on to her next life-stage/soul-journey soon.

Returning home from vacation today, I had three loads of laundry and wilted flowers to water.  The chocolate chip cookies in the cupbaord were stale, but tasted good.  My grandson will be here in the morning.  9 days ago, he was a master crawler, and took sporadic steps.  Now, I hear, he’s walking everywhere!

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