3 deaths and more

While on vacation last week, we heard about Ted Kennedy’s death.   I only heard about Dominick Dunne and Ellie Greenwich, later, through the post about these deaths by my friends at Synchronicity.   Since my daddy died on 8/26/05, I was compelled to research these three people and of course went directly to wikipedia because it links to all kinds of things, and those who follow my blog know, I love links.  🙂

I also love numbers, and Ted was born on 2/22/32 and was 77 when he died on 8/25/09.  Reviewing all the stuff on wiki about Ted, I was reminded of so many historical moments of my life, and felt exceptionally thankful that Ted had some personal demons and issues that kept him in the Senate for his life.  In that role, as a rep for a very small state, he was able to craft and endorse a lot – within the American political machine – of what I consider – huge benefits for many humans.  It made me remember how my parents were often impressed and disappointed with Teddy, that poor boy, doing his best to live-up-to the reputations of his older Kennedy brothers…  and in many ways, exceeded them all.

Then I learned about Ellie Greenwhich, born 10/23/1940 and died 8/26/2009.   Damn!  This woman had a talent that shaped my childhood and I can still sing along with sooo many of these songs!  How fun is that?

Dominick Dunne, born 10/29/1925 and died 8/26/2009, was a writer, and moved to rural Oregon, to get clean and sober, and wrote his first book, The Winners.  Having moved to rural Oregon myself, I wonder about this sudden introduction to Mr. Dunne, at his death, since I didn’t know anything about him until now.

There are two things my daddy shared with these three people, besides a death on 8/26, all were Irish Catholics and all used their personal talents in a career of creative service to Americans.   That Teddy died the-day-before 8/26 is OK with me, since daddy died, the-day-before my hubby’s birthday.  The significance of that day-before is a personal lesson for me, that I’m still learning, about time – as a human – in comparison to time – as an eternal soul…

Teddy’s service to humans, was through politics, Ellie’s through songs, and Dominick’s through words – both in fiction and journalism.  They all spent their lives focused on using their talents – and had a greater impact on generations of Americans than many will take the time to consider.  We’re too busy to pause and think about the layers of the tapestries that make up our lives.  And this was all cool research, but wasn’t a big deal personally and I felt there was something more about the deaths of 3 famous Irish Catholics, on the anniversary of my daddy’s death, that was more than issues of public service.

So being me, I researched a little farther, to find out what other deaths recently happened.  Wiki has a page for that too…  Robert Schindler, (born 10/23/37) father of Terry Schiavo, (born 12/3/63) died on 8/29/09, of heart failure.  His daughter, Terry, died of cardiac arrest on 2/25/1990 but was artificially kept alive until 3/31/05.  The Right-To-Life vs Die-With-Dignity is a highly passionate debate.  But it was a big deal to my parents, especially to my mom, a polio quadriplegic, for 46 years of my life.  What I remember of this historical transformation, in a few American psyches, was – Mom felt that Terry Schiavo’s parents didn’t understand the miracle of their daughter, until after her death, and spent too many years fighting for the life, of a daughter, they didn’t honor, when they could have celebrated the beauty of their daughter, an amazing soul who chose to be human, for a time.

That’s the beauty of research for me, an introduction to people I didn’t pay attention to, when they were alive.  These people impacted my life in ways I didn’t realize, until now, because they died on the on anniversary of my daddy’s death.   I always was, a daddy’s girl.  And my daddy took care of my mommy, first and foremost.  My mom’s health and happiness came first to him, after his own health and happiness.  And my mom made sure, my daddy’s health and happiness, was her first concern.  Yet, they both often stated, their intent to connect with the divine God was first…

Hmmm….  They also said, God is the divine within us….

And who we are in public is not as important as who we are in private.

That’s where the real journey begins. Even if it begins with – a death…

Every day is a new dawn to celebrate – life!

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Writer of Romance and Memoir. Life is an adventure, take that journey.

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