writer appreciation week

It seems like this week is lasting a lifetime.  But that’s because the new roof this house has needed for longer than the 12 years we’ve lived here, is in process.  Each swipe of the shovel above, has unearthed a horror to fix.  Today was one of those high-drama days, where in the midst of major noise, a grandson screaming in fear every time the saw ran outside, I also had to drop a doped up hubby at the dentist, for a root canal.

Hours later I picked up hubby, sleepy and stumbling, to sit in the car with the grandson who cried in spurts, because I put shoes on his feet.  The dental staff would not let me leave without handing over a check for a grand.  Then I’m home again and the roofers were calling it quits, the largest, highest roof, was too big of a hornets nest to tackle this late in the day.  Thank God I trust them, the man in charge is my grandson’s daddy.

But the drugs hubby had, also have an amnesiac effect, with their ‘invincible’ effect.  I had to coax him off a ladder, and later, down from the roof.  I’ve been there before, when days after major neck surgery, Ed was checking the garage roof, and missed the ladder steps….

Fortunately, one of my fav blogs is an agent who’s got great energy!  He’s designated this is Writer Appreciation Week.  Since I know, personally, that writers are a strange breed, it’s nice to know we can at least appreciate each other.  So here’s a copy of the comment I left, within hundreds, on his blog…

Thank you all my writer friends, who love to twist and turn the plots and words.  Who else understands when I say, I’m up a blazing tree, rocks are falling and the wolves are circling, how can I sprout wings?  What talent do I need, that I’ve forgotten, before I ended up here?

Thank you all authors who touched my heart, spirited me away to others worlds, then brought me back to earth with a gentle bump, a “Whew!” and another adventure to savor in my psyche.

And special thanks to my friend Candy, who dropped grocery bags full of genre romances on my doorstep.  So I could savor different worlds, relationships, families and talents, while sipping coffee and my toddlers played.  Those books waiting to be read made housework something fun to finish – with the reward of another story to savor.

About Terri Patrick
Writer of Romance and Memoir. Life is an adventure, take that journey.

One Response to writer appreciation week

  1. Books. Always. They’re our saviors, our redemption, our joy!


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