The cabin

My cabin in the woods, has been a writer’s sanctuary, barely 30 feet from the back door of my home.  For years I savored hours of writing time away from phones, kids, pets and chores, on weekends and between work assignments.Aug 09 110

It was supposed to be Ed’s office, things changed, it became mine by surprise.  The interior transformed slowly with rugs, chairs, and pretty stuff,  motivational posters, chosen crystals, and of course books, and books, and books!

Shelves and drawers  are full of files and binders, showing the journey of a million (more!) words written, and, in the course of this writer’s life, workshops and classes taken, and souvenirs of conferences attended.

Aug 09 113The energy of  this special space shifted after the funerals, I stored novels-in-process to sort mountains of  pictures, and began the chronicle of my childhood.  My parents, in spirit, visited often, and were amused as I picked through my memories of lessons and love.

When our girls moved out last year, an almost empty room appeared, inside my home.    We live in Oregon, it’s a nice cabin/office, but it’s outside, where there is rain, and only a small space heater.  Many years I held the image of my writer sanctuary in my head, gaining solace the cabin was waiting, while I worked jobs and traveled, then celebrated our daughters graduations, a wedding, grandsons.

While taking screenwriting classes last winter, I brought my printer inside, so I could work at night.  I liked being warm, close to the bathroom and kitchen.  No running through the rain, and staying inside was more friendly after dark.  🙂  Most evenings I still sat at the kitchen table with my laptop.  I felt I would shift my office into the house, permanently, but, it’s such an awesome cabin.

So, this summer, I sent a request to the universe, spirit, my angels, whomever listens.  My request was, “let me know when it’s time to shift from my writing sanctuary in the woods.  I’ll create a new space within my home, and settle into a schedule.  I’ll become dedicated to daily hours of writing, like a professional.”  My intent was, until I got an answer, that was obvious, I would continue to rest and play, and let my muse stay in hobby mode.

Lately, I’ve been seeing 9:11 a lot, and feel this is a nod from the universe that I am rewriting the right novel, shelved for a time.  I’m taking it slow and easy because my personal deadline is Thanksgiving.  When the roofing disaster commenced above my head I began hoping 9/11 would be the day peace returned, and then I’d begin moving my office from cabin, to house, and settling into routine.

But then, what are the odds?  Our nephews best friend at college in Ohio – lives within two miles of our home in Oregon – and needs a place to practice his bass violin – while he performs with the Oregon symphony in Portland.  Many synchronicities overlapped in quick succession this weekend.  Look at the bare desk above.  See the music stand?

I’m Aug 09 115working in my new office.  Music fills the cabin.

It is time.  The universe has spoken.  Clint arrived yesterday afternoon to see the cabin, I gathered my current writing project notes and storyboard and handed him a key.  He came back last night and quietly walked from driveway to cabin with his music stand.  He had to see it one more time, before he went to sleep, so excited he had a place to practice in peace!

I took pretty stuff from the cabin this morning and scattered them around my home.  I arranged crystals on the window sill and got my WIP binders, and my laptop, off the kitchen table.   Clint arrived with special chair and his precious instrument.  We’re both set in our spaces to happily spend hours a day, perfecting our craft.

Now, if only the roof was done…

7 thoughts on “The cabin

  1. We had this strange blackout thing happen with our post for today and it took some tweaking. I mentioned to Rob that anyone who had a subscription was going to be messed up big time. Sorry about that! & by the way, love your little sanctuary!


  2. “Every woman deserves a room of their own.” I think Virginia Woolf was the first to state this truth.

    Yet, though I’ve had this cabin/sanctuary for almost a decade, I’m a kitchen table gal. But then, maybe I’m content there because, the sanctuary is only a few steps away from my back deck. I’m really thrilled it’s getting used right now, by a musician, and I’m only a few feet away from my kitchen table.

    I’m such a Taurus woman, a kitchen gadget queen. Peelers, slicers, dicers, got it. I’m also into tapestry like pillows, soft fabrics and fresh breezes through the windows. Celtic music, harps and piano concertos are to die for. My favorite scented candles are vanilla, pumpkin spice and cinnamon.

    I also make an awesome Lasagna and my brownies are like fudge.


  3. Rose Lefebvre

    I had always dreamed of having a little “treehouse” out back where I could escape to write, read, craft and relax. I wanted it to have a nice view into the trees so I could spy on the birds and squirrels, and a little bed where I could lay and wish upon the stars. It was a dream…..sigh.


  4. stacey warner

    wonderful, wonderful, wonderful…its not easy to let our muse do hobbies because the ego wants to tie us into something grander. so glad your muse is happily at play and focused, you’ve found your place to write, given by the divine.

    I love the cabin! I can smell the damp, mossy green (I’m originally from the Northwest, Snohomish Washington)…I miss the wetness.

    Much Love!


  5. oh, i am SO happy for you and your little piece of heaven – however, might i just also say how jealous i am!!! good for you! we should all be so lucky! so sorry i’ve not been over lately – please forgive – and do drop by one or more of my places whenever you can tear yourself away from this heavenly abode!!! love your blog! jenean


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