free day

Yesterday I woke early, and was ready for baby play, but no. Baby staying home with daddy today.  Oh.  I called to get an overdo hair repair.  I’m attending a conference next month and can’t show up with roots!

Then my best-friend called, in need of a sanctuary and a cup of coffee.  The vet was putting down, and hauling away, a six-year-old horse that would soon be starving to death.  It was an agonizing decision and she wasn’t going to watch the process.   We checked our charts and the properties of my new crystals.  This is pretty tame for us.  During  wine and woo-woo nights we debate aliens, psychics and any mystical topic that has caught our attention.  But over coffee, we stayed on the basics.

She left, and the morning was almost done, which amused me, since I only work on memoir edits in the morning.  Memoir is a one shot deal, for most writers, not a career path.  After lunch is fiction time, and nap time, which means I’m ready for a nap when he wakes.    OK, I was feeling weird to have no grandson and Ed was out of town.  My house was even clean.  I should take advantage of the quiet to knuckle down and focus on my work.  I walked out to the street and opened the mailbox.  One piece of mail.  This is so rare!  But this was that one piece!

free dayDamn.  A free day.  Cool.

I took a book to the beauty school and met a new student who was assigned to color my hair.  I told her the cut had to frame my face because I’m crewing on a sailboat next Sunday and don’t want hair whipping me in the wind.  This student’s sister has a river house directly across from the main event.  I wonder if I’ll see her there.  🙂

This morning began the same, at the ring of the phone, hours of peace suddenly opened before me.  Was it another free day?  I finished my breakfast.  The phone rang.  I wondered what adventure awaited.  There was a pause, after my hello.  Then the question, “Is this a business?”  No, I said.  “Sorry, wrong number.”  But as I hung up the phone, I had to laugh!  Is this a business?

I tucked into the memoir edits in the morning.  Did lunch errands, and tucked into my novel edits through the afternoon.  I caught up on a pile of industry reading during dinner.  Then I organized stuff for the morning as grandson will distract me.  Ed is home now too.  He’ll be putting finishing touches on the roof between his work calls.

Back on schedule.  Memoir in the morning, fiction in the afternoon, writing IS MY business.

About Terri Patrick
Writer of Romance and Memoir. Life is an adventure, take that journey.

2 Responses to free day

  1. And it’s challenging, isn’t it, to figure out how to fit it all into a given day. Esp under as merc retro!


  2. terripatrick says:

    I’m lucky it’s edits on one and rewrites on the other. Both are re-do work and will be reviewed after mercury is direct again. 🙂


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