returning to me

Today I learned something about spiders.  At the McGregor’s Synchronicity blog it was posted:  “Esoterically, spiders represent an intensely creative period of life. Part of your success will be due to your ability to camouflage yourself, to blend in with a crowd, and yet to stand out from the crowd in terms of what you produce.”

I’ve enjoyed the addition of a large barn spider web in our back garden.  It was peaceful to contemplate this classic style web, as a decorative addition, in a location where it was cool to look at.  But the barn spider takes down and rebuilds a new web every evening, so I’m never sure where it will show up.

I find this process of the barn spider, personally meaningful, because I am rewriting a novel that has been pulled off the shelf, and reworked for short bursts of time, and returned to the shelf over the past few years.   I had big events in my life and the writing of this novel is a story of its own.  In the life of a writer, every novel includes a story about the journey to write it.   🙂

The hours, days, and the web of this whole new novel , I am rewriting, are satisfying.  I’m reclaiming dreams and intent, of the life I envisioned, from a new level of wisdom and a new writing style.    I’m remembering the “me” I was, in the beginning, when I first dedicated the time to this story.  I can see the benefit of classes and workshops since then, that are the foundation of the writer I will become.

So from a simple spider, I know, every day is a good day to spin a new web.

5 thoughts on “returning to me

  1. cannot tell you how deeply i relate to this – the whole creative/writing thing – same story almost as yours – mine is a short story i did years ago and that was ultimately published in literature periodical but by the time it made it there, my editor had edited away the me of me – the me who knew the character – who knew her heart and her mind – who knew what she had to do and why – in any event, for years, i have said that i was going to dig out my original manuscript and re-write the “real” story that had been written by “me” [and not my editor] – and i, too, of late had dreams of spiders which you might have seen mentioned in comments over at synchronicity – sorry, i digress – really just wanted to say how much i appreciate your blog and this post!!! have a wonderful remainder of the day!


  2. Stacey Warner

    This is wonderful…there is always so much history in our creations. I was fortunate enough a few years back to sit with Robbie Roberston, the lead singer of THE BAND, during the remix of THE LAST WALTZ. I could sense his emotional roller coaster as he watched legends like Neil Young, Van Morrison, and Dylan sing with him on stage, along with the sadness from the loss of band mates…it was truly a treasured experience.


  3. According to my sister, something about this latest eclipse cycle connects to an eclipse cycle in 1991. Her interpretation was that those intents, goals or projects from then, even if they have been temporarily shelved since, could now be brought into completion.
    In 1991, (actually late 80’s-mid 90’s) I was submitting genre romance novels to Harlequin. The editors were really nice about telling me what aspects of novel writing I still needed to learn. 🙂 In a few weeks I’ll be at a conference chatting with the senior editor of Harlequin. ;o


  4. in 1991 i created and was writing and publishing a legal newsletter to members of the bar in the state of louisiana – only one of its kind – now back into writing groove again

    course, i also had arthroscopic knee surgery that year and just got told by ortho that i need major surgery NOW – but i’m not gonna count that as an intent, goal or project!!! 🙂


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