writing pause

I don’t like the term, writer’s block because it makes me think of bricks and there is nothing concrete about the writing process.  When the words won’t come, the scene is vague or I have this feeling…  it’s time to pause.   For me, the requirement to complete  x# pages per day doesn’t work.  I commit to time, spent daily, so I didn’t write a page today.  I reviewed my “characters binder” and I dabbled with the story board.

This week, my “little voice” has been saying, “The Hero’s Journey“.  This is now a classic reference for commercial fiction with Star Wars being the famous example.  I have many cheat-sheets and notes based on this, but couldn’t put my finger on one, and didn’t have access to my cabin/office.   As I scanned my “workshops” folder I was stunned I didn’t have a file by that name.  Duh.  I named the file Vogler-Hauge.   These were my notes from spending hours in my home with the videos.  When I opened the file, I was appalled.  I had used my Neo ( always) and had downloaded my notes.  But never read them.  The file was loaded with keystroke tweaks and skips.

I have two clean, edited, files now, one printed and included in my binder.  The other is in column format to cut and paste around my storyboard.  There was a reason to pause in my story today.  I can “see” when I wrote those notes and downloaded that file.  I can feel my purposeful intent then, to do what I’m finally doing today.  I also got a gentle reminder about the journey I’ve lived, since the date on that typo riddled file was 6/10/2007.

3 thoughts on “writing pause

  1. Sometimes the muse is off playing. I guess that’s when it’s time to dabble with story boards and notes. Then the muse returns from her little vacation and things swing into action once more. Maybe it’s cyclic.


  2. The planets help. LOL! Actually, I got a reminder this morning that we can create our own synchronicity.

    I moved my novel storyboard yesterday, and this morning cut the HJ notes to add. I had a storyboard open but didn’t look at it until I was ready to paste. It wasn’t my novel, it was the story of 12 years ago I call, “Challenging Fate” (and love the duality of that title!) It’s already got HJ notes on it, relating to actual events when we moved to OR, homeless jobless with 4 girls and the dog.

    Even weirder, today is the 7th anniversary of Ed’s car accident. This is another true story I intend to write, (called “After Romance”) showing a family journey with a focus on the variety of vehicles we’ve had through the years, and the added flavor of the Jupiter return cycle.

    So I had to pause, meditate a bit, thank spirit for the reminder of the roller coaster rides of my own life that will make great stories. The roof is done, as of this morning, too! Ed just left to return the tools.


  3. Stacey Warner

    Nothing better than taking pause, and following our intuition, which will always lead us to what is needed…I get my best ideas on a hike and in the shower…
    much love


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