Sail for the Cure

main boatIt was an amazing day on the river, sailing to raise funds for research and cures for breast cancer.  Boats in the race were all flying pink streamers with names of breast cancer survivors and victims.  This was my first time sailing and I loved experiencing the river in a whole new  way while participating as crew for a good cause.sail 090

Teams were also given a list of the sponsors, to spot the banners, and record the name of the boat, promoting that sponsor.  This was challenge without binoculars,sail 071though some boats did come pretty close.

Captain Dee even brought her little dog too.  sail 048

Captain Dee is a survivor and was part of the team of women who began this “Sail for a Cure” race 10 years ago.  Her personal motto is “get busy living, or get busy dying.”   I agree, and truly appreciate when opportunities for days like today are offered.  I love being on, near, or in water.  For my new friends, water is an integral part of the lives they have created, by following their passion; as sailors, sailing teachers and boat dealers.  As a result, they are full of life and always willing to share the joy of being busy – living.  sail 093

It was an honor to be part of the crew.   I’m second from the left in the back row.  These wonderful hours today also reminded me that being close to Mother Nature in all her glory can require; I be alert to stay on my feet, know when to shift and find a new balance, be totally aware of where I am and what is available to grab for support.

Good lessons for living life.  🙂

About Terri Patrick
Writer of Romance and Memoir. Life is an adventure, take that journey.

6 Responses to Sail for the Cure

  1. stacey warner says:

    What a beautiful day! Water is so calming. I would love to see you “follow” my blog so I can see your supportive face…do you follow blogs?

    much love,


  2. terripatrick says:

    Oops. Yes, I do follow your blog Stacey. I see every post through Google Reader and usually read all the comments. I’ll go put my face up. 🙂


  3. Rose Lefebvre says:

    Does this mean you will be wanting to geet a sailboat now! LOL
    What a great cause. I lost my grandmother to breast cancer.


  4. terri says:

    No sailboats in my immediate future. They do feature prominently in one of the novels waiting to be rewritten. 🙂 The experience was awesome.

    I have no known breast cancer issues anywhere in my family and hope to keep it that way. Friends – who are survivors – yes. Primarily my friend Dee, who was the captain of the boat.


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