Emerald City

My excitement is building.  I’ll be attending the Emerald City Writers Conference this weekend, in the Hilton Bellevue.   This is my 3rd ECWC since “returning to romance” in 2002.  What I journey I’ve lived these years!  Here’s a hint, while avidly pursuing a career as a romance novelist through the ’90’s, editors wanted more conflict and drama in my stories.  Basically, my writer’s voice needed to kill “the nice police” that was controlling my characters.

I’ll never be as dark and edgy as Jessa Slade and her demons, (Seduced by Shadows is on bookshelves today!) or write kick-ass heroines, like Stephanie, or tortured ones, like Deb.  There’s room for me too, on romance reader’s shelves.  I’m a different voice and now know that conflict and drama matter to the reader.  The time and years, on an author’s journey, are less important.  It’s the book on the ‘keeper shelf’ that matters.  We are all – who we are today.

The energy of those we ‘lie down with’ also matters.  These are the ladies I’ll be sharing a room with, this weekend.   Delilah, Lisa, and Hannah.   Damn, it’s going to be fun!    I’ll begin and end the weekend, ride-sharing, with Minnette, author of the StarSight books.

I know I am worthy to be riding in cars, and bending my elbow in the bar, and sharing a room with such talented ladies.  I even got an extra pat-on-the-back today from Tess Gerritsen‘s post at Murderati.    My heroine, Stacey, of my novel-in-process, was and is, an avid Library Patron.   Hmm…  my novel is still in rewrite stage, I can still boost that aspect in the final chapters…   How fun!  🙂

Everything we need to know is already written, it’s the authors of today that keep it vibrant.

The Yellow-Brick-Road starts at the beginning, and through conflict and drama, Dorothy arrives at the Emerald City.  Which may not be the end of her journey.  The witch’s castle still needs to be stormed, the broom claimed and – so much more.

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