honest stories

My goal this month is to complete rewrites of a romance novel I put on the shelf a few years ago.  This deadline is because I need to spend November on all the edits of my memoir, to get it back to Carla in December.  She’ll be recovering from foot surgery and wants projects!  Bless you, Carla!

There’s an urban legend that writers exist within a vacuum of solitude and alcohol.  Not true for me, though I did give it a try, but didn’t write much worth reading without extensive edits.

At a fabulous conference last week, I was able to get philosophical with others who understand the importance of the HEA (happily every after) and the lack of responsibility (from writers/publishers) to story, in much commercial fiction.  Story is awesome and needs to be treated as such.  It’s what I’ll stand on a soapbox and proclaim through a megaphone.  Story matters.  Love stories are my personal venue because I saw the HEA in practice, most of my life.

Fortunately, I can get off my soapbox because this article from Boston Globe says it best.  I found it through Smart Bitches Trashy books – titled 99% hero.  Yes, I know this man, a purse prince and more.  My dad, the ultimate Alpha Hero who truly loved his Kick-Ass wife, even during the 46 years she was in a wheelchair.

But what may put me back on my soapbox is this amazing talk.  It says it all, what I’ve learned, what I believe about story.  It’s also got me fired up about creating libraries in Africa, while in Chicago, libraries are being shut down.

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