wacky wednesday

It’s good to revisit what was occasionally, to really make us appreciate what is.   It began yesterday.

I knew it would be busy because our youngest was arriving so I could get her to the airport this morning.  She’s on her way to join her dad in Switzerland, and tour Slovenia, for a few days.   As often happens in our life, this trip developed last week and our daughter had three days warning.  It’s good she has a passport.

My one-year-old grandson arrived in the morning.  Then six-year-old grandson needed to be picked up because of half-day Wednesdays.  The boys left around 4pm, my daughter arrived twenty minutes later, a friend also appeared.  Then it was dinner at Gustav’s and a quick run through Macy’s for jeans.  The two girls left and I checked email, entered a chatroom discussion about a future writer conference, then got a phone call that lasted until daughter returned.

Up at 5:15 this morn for the airport trip then a call that I wouldn’t be doing granny duties today.   Whew!  Put the feet up, clear my mind, OK, ready to get to work on my final chapters.  Nope.  Tap-tap-tap.  (Surprisingly, our dog didn’t interrupt!)  Two women spreading-the-news.  I always listen and answer their questions because I have fond childhood memories of my dad and grandma having driveway debates with bible thumpers.  I respect anyone who publicly shares their beliefs.

I also get a charge when their eyes widen at my truths and they regroup for their next question.  I even got three – I didn’t think of it that way – replies.   I refuse all handouts and got a chuckle when I denied having a “quote” read.  I’m a writer – I said – I know how many times those words have been edited and translated.  I prefer the whole message and don’t do one-liners.

They left to spread their news with my encouragement to keep doing what matters to them.  Then phone calls, on top of phone calls, (international, long distance and local) and a run to the store for a new brand of dog food because our 10-yr-old lab has developed allergies.  The last phone call just came – daughter is boarding the plane for her final leg across the pond and adventures with daddy.  There’s a fire in the woodstove and solitude stretches before me.

Days like yesterday, and this morn, used to be my norm and I still wrote books.  Now that busy days are rare, they’re more fun, and my novels are lots better!  I will not worry that this is foretaste of the next two-and-a-half years because Saturn has moved into Libra.

the main event today is Saturn entering Libra at 10:09AM PDT. The bottom line with this important zodiacal shift by the beautiful ringed planet is that you want to take your primary partnerships more seriously and improve their quality in the months ahead.

Cool!  I write romances which are all about getting a primary relationship improved to a deserved happily-ever-after!

About Terri Patrick
Writer of Romance and Memoir. Life is an adventure, take that journey.

One Response to wacky wednesday

  1. stacey warner says:

    What a fabulous post. I love it. I’m still waiting for the primary relationship, outside of the Goom.

    much love


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