My Celebrating

When a project is complete – celebrating is required.   My personal celebration event was wonderfully timed – and with two events.  I volunteer for Make-A-Wish and this past weekend kicked off my weekly collection of the Santa Letters from Macy’s through the holiday season.  Santa to me is – the manifestation of the spirit of generosity – regardless of all the commercialism.  Having access to hundreds of letters to Santa last year, there was no way I would miss touching on that awesome potential of a child’s trust in generosity, this year.

The other event was the BodyMindSpirit Expo taking place in my town.  I love everything woo-woo and am tickled that it’s called “New Age” when everything about it is so ancient.  This is a positive energy overload because no matter what the message is, live with joy, be healthy, we are all greater than we think.  Belief matters!

Of course, many people also believe that celebrating the completion of a creative project should be something more personal and tangible.  Did that too!  The primary bathroom in our home has new towels, curtains, and rugs.   So every time Mother Nature calls, I am thrilled with what I see around me.  It’s golden with dramatic black accents.

But even more fun, though not prearranged, as I walked into the BMSExpo the first woman I saw was someone I adore.  Then I saw one of my friends from my romance writers group, and later, another.  And my sister appeared because it was only a short hop on The Max for her, and she knew I’d be there.

I also had a work-in-process book project, from friends, to review.  It’s non-fiction and getting me tuned up to the work I have waiting, edits on my memoir, to get back to Carla next month.  Ed’s also back from his journey through international, and east coast time zones, contentedly snoring in his own bed.

Blessings and joy abound, because I have created them and celebrate them.  Three days of grandma play stretch before me.  Life is good.

About Terri Patrick
Writer of Romance and Memoir. Life is an adventure, take that journey.

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