11-11 Celebrate Vets

On the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, the guns fell silent.

Today I chose to consider the numerical vibration of 11-11 as a message of illumination – to the duality of being human.  Veterans Day is a perfect example.  We honor the humans who have fought for freedom, the duality to this heroism is the vehicle of war.  Death vs Life in parallel as symbolized by 11.

Since I’ve been told my memoir could be marketed to Veteran Associations as well as Disability World and Catholics, I spent today contemplating this duality energy as I reviewed the whole manuscript and the marked edits.   Those that have encouraged my dedication to get-it-written these past three years are also aware I’ve taken every opportunity to set-it-aside.   Fortunately it’s now been read and edited by friends and family who are even more encouraging because, it is a beautiful book, or will be when polished with smooth transitions into a compelling story.

As I reviewed all the red-pen comments and corrections, and flipped pages, I debated whether to begin with the final chapters (most emotional) or the middle section (largest with least edits).  I reviewed the outline which explains the themes of each chapter and the events chosen for the stories.  My desire to get to the writing was building.

Then my grandson started whining.  He wanted a bottle and a nap.

While doing the tasks of comforting him I was suddenly surprised by the idea that I can cut the memoir by a third – maybe more!  Now I am excited to do the work.  I was pleased with how much better my romance became last month when I sliced 30K words.  Then yesterday I read one of Terri Reed’s inspirational/suspense romances and was impressed at how much STORY she told in so few pages.

That was my ah-ha today and it’s appropriate it happened on Veteran’s Day.  Daddy was a WWII Vet and everyday hero who, from the age of 36, had no issues carrying Mom’s purse.

I hope everyone had a moment of illumination today!

One thought on “11-11 Celebrate Vets

  1. stacey warner

    What a wonderful Veteran’s Day post. There is nothing better than finding an angle to our work that gets us excited to get back into it. Cutting is one of the best!

    Have fun. I can’t wait to read it someday (when it is published).

    I’m working on my own memoir, a funny one but it is slow going at the moment. I’m toying with it now and will get serious at the beginning of the year when things are less hectic.

    much love


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