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Today was the monthly RCRW meeting, including a great workshop by Paty Jager called I’m still a Guy:

The workshop will use Brad Paisley and other country songs to show you what a guy really thinks. We’ll explore their thought process and why a grunt and one word sentences are, in their mind, completely effective.

We even had a few males in the room to say, yep – that’s how we think!   The surge of oxygen to the brain from the laughter always stays with me long after the meetings.   🙂

During the Kudos part of the meeting I got my applause for completing my romance, getting it off to beta readers, and the partial on the editors desk.  It’s awesome to have that kind of support and understanding of the job completed.  A dozen of us usually continue the fun by sharing lunch after the meeting and as we settled around the table the conversation focused on the ECWC last month, and I was able to share a memorable event for me.

I had a group appointment with agent Alexandra Machinist and knew she doesn’t represent what I write, but I liked her and wanted to know more about her so I could recommend her to fellow writers.  She began by telling us that everyone was welcome to send a query and pages to her office and we could just talk about publishing books.  We were welcome to pitch our story to her but if we were nervous she warned that she tends to be blunt.

“Well I’d like your advice,” I said.  “I think I’ve written two main publishing taboos.  It’s a memoir with an Erma Bombeck flavor and a lot of happy Catholic stuff,”  I paused and watched her as I finished, “and a quadriplegic.”

Her eyes widened and she jerked as she said, “You’re screwed.”

My friends at lunch today – howled with laughter just like I did (more than once) that day. (And yes, I totally recommend Alexandra as an agent if you write what she represents.)

I needed that extra punch of laughter because tonight I’m working on 7 pages that are very emotional.  Fortunately the red pen edits are like blood splatters on the pages and a lot easier to work with then when I first wrote this chapter, and had to open a vein from my heart and bleed all over the keyboard.

Now a guy may say, “You’re screwed, give up.”  But a romantic hero would give me a hug and let me do what I had to do.  (Ed’s at our weekend place with his pilot buddies because they spread dirt on the runway today.)

And a dozen women who understand the power of love stories and a writers dedication to get it right, know I am not screwed, and it’s the story that matters.

**  So OK, I wrote this post hours ago, as a delaying tactic to get into the rewrites.  It was also a motivational thing for me, making myself accountable to do those pages tonight.  They are done now, and much better.  I’ve even updated the excerpts on my memoir website.  Now I’m going to put my feet up, have some wine and read the free romance I downloaded today.

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