seeing the light

Today was peaceful.  Edits on my memoir are going better than anticipated and I’ve adjusted my goal to have them complete and set that manuscript into a resting phase for a week.  Then a final review and off to Carla again.

I’ve got four beta readers currently reading my romance novel and a proposal on the editors desk.  There’s a stack of novels on my To-Be-Read pile and I know the authors so they promise to be good reads.  Aside from one daughter’s car repair issues, nothing but good news.  This post is proof that – it does happen!

Of course I am also itching to get started on the projects waiting.  A trilogy of romance novels on the shelf to be re-crafted…  Oh what I’ve learned since those stories first flew from my fingers!  The characters are still clear and vibrant in my mind, their trials, their joys.

It was during one of the darker moments these past few years when I was asked, “What do you want to do with the rest of your life?”  My answer?  “Read, write and play house!”   And that’s what I’m doing right now, with the addition of playing with my grandson – who wasn’t even a glimmer when I said those fateful words.  My house is tons nicer now too!

It was such a simple dream.  And it came true.

So I’ll adjust my life dream now to:  write, read, play, publish, promote – with one foot firmly planted in romancelandia where happy endings and dreams come true in every book.  🙂

Thanks for your comments.

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