I am thankful for life, love, family, friends, health, happiness.

I’m thankful for wonderful food to share and my talent to cook tasty meals.  I’m thankful for Marie Callender’s pies, Millstone flavored coffee and our local deli’s specialty dips and spreads for our snacks.  I’m thankful my daughters cook the side dishes I don’t like, but others consider a specialty, to eat.

I am thankful for great books to read and my ability to write.  I’m thankful I completed both my romance novel and the edits on my memoir, a month early, and can choose what project to start next.  I am thankful for a publishing controversy that brought all kinds of information and opportunities to my attention through blogs and articles.

I am thankful the oven worked this morning, and that I had a new bag to put into the vacuum.  I am thankful for science and technology, and that my grandma taught me as a child to always give thanks for running water and refrigeration.

I am thankful our dog is responding well to his new diet and no longer sheds ferociously or oozes smells.

I am thankful the horrible slice on my thumb, from the lid of the can of black olives, didn’t require a trip to the emergency room for stitches or a tetanus shot.

I am thankful that the professional chef, who is part of our family now, sliced the turkey for me (see sliced thumb above) and was rather impressed at the flavors and moisture of our main bird and gravy.

I am thankful that every day is a beautiful day and that I have chosen to live in joy.

About Terri Patrick
Writer of Romance and Memoir. Life is an adventure, take that journey.

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