the creative pause

Life happens fast and when a project is complete, taking a pause is very important.  This is also called refilling the well of creativity.  The Friday after Thanksgiving is an awesome time to do so.  Everything was quiet in cyber world, with my family, and everywhere I looked, even on Facebook.   Ed and I hung out with friends and tried a new restaurant.

On Saturday I decided to envision my future, according to some choices and actions I’ve recently taken.  If I succeeded according to those actions, how would I be spending my time and energy?

Visualization is tons of fun and a great way to hold true to goals and dreams.  Except, the more I visualized along the path I perceived, the more I questioned when and why I had created that particular goal.  Then I had to recognize why I wasn’t thrilled with the potential path my future could take.  It was a very interesting exercise.  I had unearthed an unease in my psyche I didn’t know was there.

Since I am odd, with no desire to be even, I don’t know how to worry.  I’ve tried to learn how to worry.  Many consider it a natural state.  I’ve researched worry, and acknowledged I have many reasons to worry.  But I just don’t get it.

Instead, I indulged in research.  Science, history, technology, and anything esoteric are my choices.  I’ll dabble in all kinds of things because as a writer I have an insatiable curiosity.  A wander though my email inbox shows my schizophrenic interests and the variety of topics I enjoy from friends and family.

I analyzed my blog, tried to figure out some stuff, researched creating a whole new look and chose not to do so, but added some stuff, cleaned up other stuff.   The first two chapters of my romance novel are posted on a separate page and the comment section is active so you can tell me what you think.

On Sunday I took the time to play catch-up with a lot of stuff that I’d set aside, for when I had the time.  Which I now did.  Two months worth of newsletters, a stack of magazines, that forever insistent pile of stuff to read.  Soon I was discovering the answer to my unease.  I had gotten caught up in the enthusiasm of others, dreams and goals that mirror my own in many ways, but are different.  I’m a total sucker for enthusiasm, love it.

My answer was in feeling an emotional connection to a different goal, a deeper goal that had always been there, until recently.  A path to success so close to the one I had actively chosen in recent months, that I had not seen the difference, to the real path, until I took a creative pause.

So, of course I made a new choice, took a new action.  Now I have to wait and see what bears fruit.  I have this delicious feeling both will at the same time.  And I’ll be very happy with the choice I make then.  We will see…

The future is yet to be written and I intend to write mine.

About Terri Patrick
Writer of Romance and Memoir. Life is an adventure, take that journey.

One Response to the creative pause

  1. Rose Lefebvre says:

    Go girl!!! Write on!!


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