hustle & bustle

This holiday season is one of the life-shift ones, for Ed and me.  Our girls are adults with busy lifestyles.  The magic of Santa and presents under our tree is not as appealing to our girls as the spending the day with their special ones, and their own tree.   In my observations of family life, this is a common shift.

As one of the youngest in a big, extended family, I remember the older cousins chomping at the bit at the holiday gatherings.  They were there to do the required visit, but buzzed among themselves about how soon they could escape, and what fun they planned.  I’ve never understood that dreaded requirement because our family was out of town with no choice most years but to do our own thing.

Ed and I will have a quiet Christmas Day, this year, or join one of the parties we’ve been invited to attend.  It’s a poignant shift, after all these years where our home was the only place our girls wanted to be, to celebrate.  As Ed and I shopped for gifts this year, we noticed we felt no pressure or stress.  We’re not overloaded with details and lists.

A few weeks ago, I opened all the boxes and albums of pictures from the past 30 years of family fun, and sorted and divided them into albums as gifts for our girls.  I’m no longer steward of the family history, I’m passing the torch in four directions.

With all the pictures of our life spread before me, I saw how much Ed and I have lived beyond being parents for our four girls.  I’m now completing a new memory book for just the two of us.  It’s all the pictures of events and people that we remember well, but mean nothing to our girls.  There are tons of these pictures!

I loved the hustle and bustle through holiday seasons in the past.  This one is different.  In 2009, Ed completed his Masters Degree and I completed my memoir about my parents.   Both of these goals required years of dedicated focus.  As 2010 dawns, we’ll reshape who we plan to become in accord with our achievements.  There will be new goals.

The hustle and bustle of details and lists is a choice and I’m ready to begin the next stage, the next journey that life presents.


About Terri Patrick
Writer of Romance and Memoir. Life is an adventure, take that journey.

4 Responses to hustle & bustle

  1. Rose Lefebvre says:

    I sure miss the innocent days of eager anticipation for Santa, Christmas caroling, writing letters to Santa….oh, to be young again.


  2. terripatrick says:

    I really loved those years when I was Santa and the creator of so much fun and magic.


  3. I love Santa. I loved those years. Our daughter was really ticked off when she learned that santa, the easter bunny and fairy godmothers were bogus.


  4. terripatrick says:

    Santa – in my childhood – was always called the Spirit of Generosity.

    There was no trauma for me as a child when I shifted generosity to my parents and siblings instead of a fat man in a red suit. I raised my girls on the same concept and they never complained about being deceived – and they get a big thrill now when they are “anonymous” givers.


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