my sister’s keeper

On Monday, I watched my sister’s keeper.  I’ve personally avoided watching this movie until now and as a Make A Wish volunteer feel I’m a wimp for avoiding it this long.  Or, maybe not.

Cameron Diaz has made a career out of portraying the self-involved, kick-butt heroine you want to hate but have to admire.  She takes that talent to a new level in this movie.  But the story isn’t about her or her daughter Kate, a terminal-cancer-still-alive-miracle.

This movie is about the 11-year-old girl, Anna, who claims an inspired responsibility for her self – which benefits her whole family.  For me, this movie was realistic on many levels, especially the ordinary heroes who seem too nice to be real.  They are very real and more common than the egocentric characters usually portrayed in dramas.

I was also raised in the environment where the-need-of-the-one was part of the routine of the whole family.  It is not easy to turn that caretaker energy onto myself and my needs.  My lesson from this movie is – a resilient child is capable of balancing her needs for her self within her responsibility to others.  I also knew this balance most of my life but events and details in recent years have distracted me.

The other personal insight I had from this movie is the clarity and maturity of young children when they are compassionately exposed to real truths, no matter how nasty.   The eyes of a child can see past the warts and worries of death at the door and honor the wonder of being at the beach.

So my resolution for this New Year 2010 is to honor my needs and happiness first.  There will always be others in need but my greatest benefit to them is to truly become the best I can be – for me.

The same resolution will work for you too!

About Terri Patrick
Writer of Romance and Memoir. Life is an adventure, take that journey.

One Response to my sister’s keeper

  1. Rose Lefebvre says:

    I have had difficulty in putting myself first. But if I do not keep myself happy then I can do nothing for anyone else.


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