the shift: 2009-2010

I like numerology and the simple messages from numbers.  There’s a universal and artistic quality to numbers, like music.  Words can be changed in translations but holding up two fingers and pointing to an apple means the same thing in every country.

The year number 2010 has a fun and positive flavor to begin a new decade.  But today I want to review the recent energies of our year numbers.

When I look at  2, I see both a ? and a , with an _ for emphasis.  So the first message I get when I see a 2 is:  question, pause, think.  At a quantum level, the 2nd dimension is a flat piece of paper with straight lines.  If the lines are parallel they never meet but if perpendicular, they intersect.  This is why I think the number 2 is interpreted to mean both partnership and duality.

The duality aspect is a balanced opposition like positive and negative.  Or black and white; black as the absence of all color and white the blending of all color.  So I like considering the duality of 2 because of the space between.  The space between black and white is the presence of all colors in their individual vibration.  In a magnetic parallel, the space between is energy.  Everything is energy, even the molecules that make up a flat piece of paper.

When I look at  9, I see a full circle and the end of a parenthesis.  o)  This gives the flavor of completion, goals achieved, projects finished.   The end.  In 2009, I wrote “The End” on both a romance novel and a memoir project.  It’s significant to me that I made choices about these two projects in 2006.

Let’s consider 6 as – (o – the beginning parenthesis and a full circle.  In my numerology interpretations; 6=love, 7=spirituality, 8=transformation, 9=completion.  These same numbers with their planetary energies are; 6-Venus, 7-Neptune,  8-Saturn, 9-Mars.

Now 6 follows 5.  5 is a confusing graphic, with all sorts of pictorial possibilities.  5 is associated with change, conflict and choices.  5 vibrates to Mercury – the planet known as the trickster.  So for the purpose of this article, 5 is a cataclysmic event on a personal level that creates a choice.   If the choice is to step into love, we enter into the parentheses of  ( 6, 7, 8, 9 ).

6=love but at the beginning of the journey it’s really more a strong “like”.  A Venus flavor to savor a favorite food, like chocolate, a fun activity, or that passionate thrill of a new romance.   6 is a feminine energy current that flows nicely into the spiritual energy of 7.

Now 7 makes us feel like we are standing under a protective umbrella while not realizing our feet are sliding out from beneath us.  This is the watery Neptune illusion and delusion duality.  My favorite example of this is the science vs. religion debates through the centuries.  Mystery and sympathy play equal roles as we wade through dreams to understand the role spirit plays in the miracle of our life.  It’s easy to get lost in this realm but with love and luck, we’ll find two round and dry islands for our feet to stand on and enter the portal of 8.

8 represents infinity, the serpent eating its tail.  It is the mirror of above and below.  We can stand in the full sun or in the moon light of transformation.  8 vibrates to Saturn, which represents responsibility and lessons through experience.  Saturn slows things down and throws up caution signs.  Saturn has many rings and each one could spiral us back to relearn something about 7, or 6, or 5, before we can step onto the next ring of lesson about discipline and self-control.

One question to ask Teacher Saturn is – can I make this life journey more fun?  The rings of Saturn include wisdom about love, joy and happiness.  Those caution flags are often to release drama, worry and fear.

To get off the Saturn spiral of lessons, we need the Mars energy of 9.  Completing the full circle of 9 (which mirrors the initial full circle of 6) requires courage, originality and personal power.  Mars masculine warrior energy is the first step and can complete the wisdom and responsibility circle of 9  – humility and joy will create the final arc.

We stepped through the initial arc of compassion and challenge when we chose the circle of 6 love energy.  The full journey is framed in an embrace of both feminine and masculine energy.   ( 6, 7, 8, 9 )   With this example 9 is also a higher circle of love energy that now holds wisdom and responsibility.  With wisdom comes joy and humility is part of being a truly responsible human.

Now as this year 2010 begins, consider 1 represents initiating energy.  It vibrates to the Sun and encourages original action and individuality.  1 is firmly planted, straight and tall.  1 is creative and benevolent energy.

So my message is, as we step into the vibration of 2010, take the time to consider the duality and partnership of the space between represented by the 2 which vibrates to the moon.  Honor the completion energy of 2009, and the journey of the years before, and choose joy for 2010.


5 thoughts on “the shift: 2009-2010

  1. This is why I love simple numerology – there are only 9 basic messages to consider. Everything else is our choice. How cool is that?

    To dive deep or not.

    I prefer to splash in the shallows because it’s tons of fun. It’s even more fun when I hear that my splashing in the shallows is – deep. Cool.

    2010 is what we’ll write on our checks and see on our calendars for a whole year. It is a flavor of light energy – almost like a vacation. Treat the whole year as such, enjoy every moment.


  2. I see a 3 (2+0+1+0=3) A very spiritual number which indicates past, present, future. A year of reflection and mysticism, after the non-reducible eleven also a spiritual number. Another way to see it from a mystery perspective.



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