a project begins

My new project is a romance novel I wrote a few years ago.  This story has been rewritten/edited/revised – at least three times.  A review of the file dates show a concentration for a few months on each version, then a year or more untouched.   I remember each reason why this story was put on the shelf.

The creative process does benefit from a resting stage, so the author can return with fresh eyes and perspective and catch a bunch of words that are just wrong.

To begin my new project, I have reread what was printed out two years ago.  I’m still excited about the characters, the story, the potential.  However, it was agonizingly SLOW to read those 400 pages.  I had to slap my own hand many times to prevent editing.  I silently screamed at the writer I was:  BACKSTORY!  PASSIVE VOICE!  MOTIVATION! POV!

But I was also impressed at dynamic scenes, vibrant settings, snappy dialogue, and layers of plot and characterization that I had forgotten.  Too cool!  It is time to begin plot-storming a whole new storyboard.  Wee Hee!

Do you have a project on a shelf or tucked under a bed?  Maybe it’s time to take a fresh look at what was and imagine what could be created.

3 thoughts on “a project begins

  1. Stacey Warner

    I do have a project tucked away and i started writing on it last year but it is not the project for now.

    i’m starting a new project this january. i’m taking a class and i’m so excited.

    much love


  2. I began 2008 by returning to college and taking every class offered that was related to writing and story. I even took classes on public speaking and screenwriting. It is such an awesome journey to be open to learning and surrounded by many in that same place.



  3. Rose Lefebvre

    I will pull out old poems and re-read them, seeing where I can make changes and improve them. So far, I have not gotten to that mystery murder suspense movel I want to write….one day I will…


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