Want to help the people of Haiti?  These are two organizations that have been personally recommended to me as – all funds sent will arrive for the purpose intended. and

In other news, our 10 year old Lab, Rainier survived his eye surgery with flying colors and all bodily functions are operating in the desired locations, mainly – outside and off my rugs.   We’ve been challenged for months with health issues for our pet, that we learned were directly related to a vet recommended brand of food that has become poison, maybe because the original pet food company was bought by another.

My laptop is now  humming along with all software functioning as intended.  The boys at the shop had it a day longer than hoped and are in awe that I have practiced the art of being unplugged with peace.

This link from gypsywoman shows recent earthquake activity.  I love maps and the visuals granted by technology.  It brings the whole globe into perspective for me.

Last week, a friend told me how her 10 year-old-nephew developed personality issues this past year, and his latest incident was treated with an approved medication, and the boy was dead within hours.   My sister also posted about dealing with the grief of the death of a student.

Through my brother’s emails I consider politics and philosophy.  Through my romance writers groups I work towards stories that end with a happily ever after.  My brother spent a year traveling and working with Doctors without Borders, and I know many romance novelists and groups that donate to, and work with, shelters and literacy organizations.

Sometimes I feel very small, and unable to do all I would like to do.  Then I got an email from a woman I’ve met a few times, and have been sharing my insight and limited experience in the world of publishing on a query she’s developing,

“You are such a treasure.  Some people would have ignored me.  Blessings,”

I’ve been called many things in my life, like “the meanest mom.”  But I have never ignored anyone.  I’ll say, no thanks, not my interest, or outline how to get a clue.  But I don’t IGNORE anything.  Everything matters.  I personally can’t do squat about it, but that doesn’t mean I IGNORE the reality.

Ignoring news is a choice to be ignorant.  Ignoring people is a choice to be an ash-hat.

Sometimes we have to research the right dog food, and send that same amount of money to the right organization, to make a difference on a global scale.  No one benefits if we ignore the ingredients on the dog food bag or the needs of our fellow humans, no matter where they are… We are all one, but we are only one, and our purpose is to live in joy.

For this moment, focus on Haiti, send all the souls there – joy.   Do it.  Give it a minute of your time.

Send joy.


Now back to work.

The new dog food…

About Terri Patrick
Writer of Romance and Memoir. Life is an adventure, take that journey.

2 Responses to news

  1. stacey warner says:

    I love you! I’m so glad I found you via cyber space. Your comments and posts are so thoughtful and beautiful.

    You are a treasure. Tragedy about the boy dying…personality disorder…what world labels a person this way and then drugs them? So sad.

    much love


  2. Rose Lefebvre says:

    So glad to hear the pooch is doing well. I had not heard that about dog food…gosh!
    I am praying for all the earthquake victims. Our church collected money to send.


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