writing is work

I met my storyboarding goal today and felt almost as much thrill writing The End on those 7 pages as at the end of 300 pages.   I chose a book off my pile, How I Met my Countess, as my celebration of conquering PLOT.  Within the first pages I realized the next journey (and why I love Elizabeth’s books) STYLE.    Story is conflict & drama, characters and transformation – that’s PLOT and can be really flat and boring without STYLE.

Last night I read Lauren’s post on Copyright Does Not Mean “Right to Copy”.   This made me contemplate the whole business of written words.  Truly!  Would we have movies and news, recipes and songs, jokes and menus, contracts and laws, if they weren’t written then revised?   Then – when the words are presented to readers – it is intellectual property that is being shared and should be treated with the respect of any property owned or created by someone, or any intellectual achievement, especially in the digital world where including a link is so easy.

I personally have major issues with that schizophrenic intellectual called Anonymous.  As a writer, I have no desire to be invisible or anonymous though by virtue of the career choice, I spend many days silent and alone with nothing but written words that can’t carry a tune with a harmonica.

Part 2 of Why you really don’t want to be published was posted today by The Intern.  The comments truly grant greater insight into the mindset of an author.  I have attended many conferences which have a workshop called “The Elevator Pitch” but The Intern has revealed it is a magic elevator and implodes on exit.

Even all this advice on how much work it takes to be a writer, or how disastrous life is after publication, many still dream about writing that book.  For them, this is great advice, Is your “But” to big? by  John Gibbs.

Now, even though I’m a writer, I’m also a science and technology nut and had to check TED tonight and was rewarded with this inspiring presentation of maps and stamps and the universe by  Charles Fleischer insists:  All things are Moleeds.  Now that’s the beauty of intellectual property!

One thought on “writing is work

  1. wow, you certainly are a busybee over here!!! good for you! just wanted to run over and say hello and thank you for all your visits to my places – and for the mention below – i’m such a visual nut myself – i want to SEE it – anyway, have been amidst distraction after distraction of late so my own visits have not been as i would have liked but i do so appreciate yours – have a glorious day and great weekend! hope the sun is out! and where’s summer, anyway???


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