raining drama

This past week I’ve analyzed ten contemporary romance novels for the dramatic threads, and studied and worked on techniques.   When I take a break from this work, drama surrounds me from movies, news of Haiti, deficits, unemployment, and even publishing blogs.  What was Amazon thinking?

Drama seeps through good stuff too, like the potential job offer a friend may have after almost two years out-of-work.   Friends and family sometimes call me just to vent, and my daughter can’t find her W-2.  Taxes.   My sister and I were going to get together and play today, in honor of our Mom’s birthday, but sis is sick.

I probably should have picked a historical or paranormal romance to read today but instead picked a nonfiction book.  While I like the style, stories and topic, it’s about clearing the drama from our soul journey on an individual level with a quiet and personal daily practice.  But in the stories I write, drama has to be resolved through action on the page and between the romantic partners.  Drama in story is not to be resolved with coincidences yet synchronicity is a tool to help dissolve drama for the soul journey.

This is a dilemma for my writer psyche because drama is bad for the story of my soul even though drama needs to be the soul of the story I write.

Sunshine is forecast by this weekend.  I plan to stand in the rays.

4 thoughts on “raining drama

  1. Stacey Warner

    Absorb the rays, drama in writing is much different than drama in life…or at least it use to be or perhaps it isn’t, LOL!

    I don’t know. I got slaughtered by my writing teacher so I’m still spinning.

    love you!


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