busy stars

My sister called to see how I handled Mars in retrograde crossing my ascendant.   Yes, astrology is a language of it’s own.  She asked if I was OK, and didn’t slice off a finger or anything.


Well, there is this corner cupboard that my grandson is allowed to play in.  While making dinner on Sunday, I had to pull everything out to find the grater jammed in the far back corner.  Picture me, on my knees, leaning inside a cupboard to my waist, reaching into the dark.  Index and middle finger gripped the plastic handle of the slicer/grater.  As I pulled it out, I felt a sting on my pinky.  Yep, the tomato slicer blade had slipped out and…

No stitches but it oozed for over a day?  astrologer sis asked.

Well, yeah.

Barely half an inch long, that shallow slice on my pinky would not stop bleeding and still oozed a drop this morning as I wrapped another bandage over it.   This is annoying because I have committed myself to The Artists Way for 12 weeks, which requires morning pages.  I love this process and was surprised I’d gotten out of the practice.  However, because of childhood issues, holding a pen to write in longhand for 3 whole pages ain’t gonna happen.  I have a Neo and type my morning pages, 20 minutes of non-stop typing, even with a bandaged pinky.

I have learned astrology by osmosis as my sis has taken her journey through the stars.  I know what it means that retrograde Mars is in my 12th house of restrictions.  It means my forward action energy has been shoved back into a cave of danger.  For about two months.  Then I’ll again move forward with a new purpose, just in time for Mercury to go retrograde in my career house.  This will herald missed communications and glitches and tricks.

That’s OK with me.  I read book 2 of The Dragonfire series this week.  Kiss of Fury was awesome.  I deliberately had to slow myself down from reading too fast so I could savor every page.

I don’t get vampires and zombies.  I don’t want to see an actual dragon fight – but – though it took mystical powers for a few centuries, the human part of these male dragons really know how to respect and delight their women.   🙂  They’ll even build a Green Machine that runs on salt water.

The next eclipe cycle of the moon – brings another awesome firestorm.

I’ll make a point to avoid sharp objects.  Let’s hope I’m not reaching into dark corners where a tarantula may be waiting.

About Terri Patrick
Writer of Romance and Memoir. Life is an adventure, take that journey.

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  1. Me, too!!!! I HATE spiders!


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