the moon crossed uranus

Today was filled with many little details required to complete RIGHT NOW! to achieve big things.

My sister is the astrologer but I put her on that path in 1996.  As she dove into the deep end, I not only got daily pages via email of her journey, she used mine and Ed’s birth data for her journey.  This was beneficial because she’d ask about what was going on during a specific time frame in our past and I could give her events.  Then she would inform me about all the planetary energies in process at those events.

I learned astrology by osmosis.  There was a website with point-n-click charts at and I took the next step.  I learned astrology in self-defense.  Not even my sister, who I loved and trusted, was going to tell me about my journey through life according to the stars.  I am master of my own destiny.

I respect astrology as a very scientific tool at our fingertips now.  It is beneficial to understand a little bit about it, not as a superstition or blueprint, but to embrace that more energies are at play in the universe that can make our personal life a bit more fun and awesome.

So – Uranus in the skies today is in Pisces and the Moon crossed the degree.  Uranus moves really slow and the moon moves really fast.   Uranus is the planet associated with sudden changes, radical ideas, surprise.   The moon, in its current first quarter stage is “initiating” and a good time for planting.

In my life there are two big things going on, and a bunch of little things.

I’m the registration coordinator for a mini-writers-conference this weekend, with the closing of registration set for tomorrow.  So of course, there was all kinds of activity as attendees wanted to get registered before the final cut.   On top of that, Ed has an airplane he’s swapping for another airplane.  Ours is in Oregon, the new one in Phoenix, and while the paperwork is done, there is the issue of getting the planes from where they are based to their new homes.  I’m not going to explain pilots.  They are species of their own.  But the issue with the sale being completed is – the weather.  You can’t fly from Oregon to Phoenix or vice-versa unless the weather is on your side – at least for a few days.    Which is happening now.

So – sudden change and surprise, with initiating energy. New stuff is happening.

I’m working on writing a romance novel.  I really need to have my characters floating on the waves right now, before I make the drive shaft on their boat implode, and have a near miss collision with a freighter, before the enigmatic hero of the story rescues them and the heroine meets the one man she has always dreaded meeting.

I will spend the weekend with a few dozen professional storytellers.  What I will face next week is anyone’s guess.  I love a good story.  A page turner.  I’m still not sure about how I feel about living within one.

I’ll figure that out when I turn the next page.

About Terri Patrick
Writer of Romance and Memoir. Life is an adventure, take that journey.

3 Responses to the moon crossed uranus

  1. Rose Lefebvre says:

    Harkening back to my youth…my grandmother was one of those women who did astrology, read tarot cards, consulted a Ouiji board, held seances, and had trances. She did all this to earn “donations” from people who believed in it all. And usually her predictions were vague and not too detailed. But people “consulted” her and seemed to need that.
    Me, I do not believe any of it. Especially since she told me when I was 16 that I would marry a tall dark man, bear 3 children, live in a large home in the midwest and become a reknowned artist. None of it happened.


  2. terripatrick says:

    My dear Rose,
    None of what you’ve stated is the purpose for these tools. Who you are today is so much more than you would have been, if any of those ridiculous predictions came true.
    I celebrate you!
    Give me one of your happy poems. They are beautiful.


  3. terripatrick says:

    Even your dark poems are awesome. As are your pictures wandering around the campus, just seeing the beauty.

    You see the beauty in the present. Your grandmother didn’t. She catered to her agenda and those that didn’t want to look at – now.
    Money is a strange thing. Wealth is what you have.


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