Seven years ago, when my personal life was under wild stress events, an editor thought one of my novels had merit, just not for her.  That gentle rejection was like a beacon of hope, which shows my life was pretty damn dark.   From that tiny spark, I reentered the world of novel writing and found my Rose City Romance Writers group.

I’d taken a three year hiatus from writing romances, to learn to write narrative nonfiction.  Returning to the world of Romancelandia was scary.  Its a world full of conflict and drama, rejections and months of isolated work, but also lots of fun, friends, laughter, love stories and chocolate.  Only three years later I was again taking a hiatus from fiction to learn life lessons and new ways of writing.  But I held on to my friends and this wonderful group became my personal support and mentors, even if only for a few hours each month.

This past weekend I attended a wonderful intensive.

One day with Michael Hauge entertaining us with the depths and breaths of – the power of transformation within story and the themes behind the journey from fear to courage.

One day with Bob Mayer tracking us quickly through the past two decades of the world of publishing and how we reflect the stories we need to tell.  Stories are the Special Forces in our lives.  🙂

I’m totally aware of how life can change in a moment, with either an illness or accident.  I had time, this past weekend, to be in a favorite place and reflect on how I’ve lived a journey from courage to fear – and back.  I’m inspired not only with new tools and techniques for this craft of story but also more delight in the friendships forming, the potentials beginning.

2 thoughts on “intensive

  1. Hi Terri. Your journey sounds pretty epic already, but it’s good to see that people can pick themselves up again and again and keep going. I’ve been thinking about starting my own little writer’s group, to encourage and support each other when we feel like sludge 🙂 I’m definately inspired to make this group happen now.


  2. Hi zz. Welcome! I love the “zz”. My youngest daughter’s name is Lyndsay and when our grandson started talking, he couldn’t say it. So she’s still zz to us all.

    I always recommend writers find others of like passions to gather and share. It’s really important since novelist spend a lot of time in their own heads and the world of imagination.

    My recommendation is your first look around locally for already formed readers and writers groups, to see what would nurture your soul. Your future friends and little writing group could already be there. In my experience I’ve had a core group more than once, some for a season, some for more. But all are still supportive friends even if we are not sharing our stories weekly anymore.

    Writing is a journey! And I like your blog so I’m heading over there to post a comment about ebooks. 🙂


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