fears and goals

There has been a lot of discussion in my writer groups about acknowledging our weaknesses and overcoming our fears to reach our goals.  The goals are specific to our writing career and have many levels from the pinnacles that can be reached to how to spend the few hours designated to our writing today.

Two of my author friends, Melissa and Jenna posted about fear today because of these discussions.  Both of them have a different view, both are content within their careers but do want to achieve greater success.  Both of these ladies smile easily, have great laughs and radiate fun.  They love their families and enjoy their careers yet are currently wondering about what fears they may have, that are holding them back from a goal to be a success.

As I’ve read these discussions about goals and fears, I began to feel the concerns about fear and success was more about judgments.  Like others have the power to judge our success and we are required to meet that success or be judged a failure.  Does a writer have to be a a famous celebrity to be a success?  Is Tess now a success because her series is being “made for TV”?

I posted about personal success as a goal, not recognition according to others, money, or lists.   I’m not sure if it is possible to be afraid of personal success.   Can we fear happiness?  Personally, I can’t, but maybe others can.  🙂

As happens, when I weed through all the events in my life, there is usually a pearl handed to me according to the question in my mind.  Elizabeth Boyle posted about having received copies of her novel published in Japanese, Dutch, and Czech.  Elizabeth is an International & NY Times Bestselling author and she was excited to check her web stats and see “diehard fans have dropped by from 95 different countries and territories. 95?! In just the last 30 days?!”

So Elizabeth is certainly a success.  And yet…  The bookstore manager – 5 minutes from her home – will not display her novels on the Local Author promo rack because – they are romances.

About Terri Patrick
Writer of Romance and Memoir. Life is an adventure, take that journey.

2 Responses to fears and goals

  1. stacey warner says:

    Hmmmm…interesting post. I believe our fears resonate with where were are at. For me, I fear i won’t ever finish a book I feel is “good enough” but this also motivates me to write and become a better writer.

    I’ve seen fear cripple people but it always goes back to if you don’t love doing it, than why do it? If you only want success or fame the product isn’t going to be as good because it doesn’t have the wave behind it.

    much love


  2. Rose Lefebvre says:

    Let’s see, I am afraid of spiders, the dark (house is filled with nightlights), wasps and bees (allergic), and things that go bump in the night…hmmm, none of those stand in the way of my writing. The only thing that stands in my way is…ME!!


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