My oldest daughter, Theresa, turned 29 on March1st.  She’s an awesome woman, currently surviving these tough times with a level of dignity I admire.  But her birthday celebration was eclipsed because our 3rd daughter, Katelyn, was showing off her new engagement ring.

Matt arrived in our home, unannounced, bearing the gift of a Strawberry Pizza desert pie, Ed’s favorite.  Matt wanted to talk to Ed, man-to-man, while I was out in the garage, retrieving the birthday card just bought for Theresa, on the passenger seat of my car.  I returned to the kitchen with birthday card in hand and heard the announcement from Ed…

We have a new son-in-law.  Wee Hee!

The wedding is pending, maybe June of next year though fall is their preferred time…

Later, when Matt was a little calm, he stated that Katelyn’s connection with her sisters is really strong, and he wanted to be accepted, and he really wants to be able to call Ed and I, his in-laws.

I am so humbled by this!  Matt is an amazing man, and he was nervous about requesting admission into our family, with his desire to make our daughter, happy.

All I can say is – welcome Matt!  I’m honored to call you – my son.

Thanks for your comments.

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