here comes the sun

When the sun returns with the dawn, the dark night of the soul is done.  Most of us sleep through this huge and daily transition.  But – this is why we come to STORY.  We want to connect with characters that live through the night and are transformed to appreciate the dawn.

This concept could explain the latest vampire phenomenon.  🙂

We’ve had glorious weather in Oregon the past few days.  At one point, I was inspired to run out in a field and throw my arms wide, while I slowly circled and sang, like Julie Andrews does in The Sound of Music.  My voice isn’t horrible so I can burst into song, with confidence, on a remote field in the wilds of Oregon.

I’ve also seen STORY happening around me.  Events are moving so fast right now.  It’s utterly delightful but a bit exhausting!  Huge stories, spanning years, spiraling into their happy endings.  And new beginnings.

I do want to sit and write it all down.  But it’s too awesome, I’ll enjoy it instead.

The weather is changing today.  The rains and clouds are returning.  Months to write and focus on STORY spread before me again.

But, I’ve gained a new insight from this amazing weather, days of warmth and sunlight, buds and early spring flowers adding color and vibrancy to my environment.  I discussed it with my brother who was in Pennsylvania this past weekend.  ( He lives in Ohio.)  He said, “Spring is still two weeks away, for you.  We may see it in two months or more.”

I can write about dark night of the soul, when the sun is shining.  STORY lives through sun and rain.

Every dawn is a new story.

About Terri Patrick
Writer of Romance and Memoir. Life is an adventure, take that journey.

One Response to here comes the sun

  1. zz says:

    Your imagery is beautiful Terri.


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