an era ends

The last of my parents siblings died yesterday.  Our Aunt Eileen was 83.  My mom was the youngest of 4, my dad was the 2nd youngest of 6.  Of these ten pre-WWII siblings, families were created and I have about 40 cousins, of the Baby Boomer generation, most are still alive – and many have children already in their 30’s, with children.

Being one of the youngest of this mass of cousins, I am not sure how I feel knowing that all those people who were the foundation of me, my childhood, are gone.  Well, almost.  2 uncles and an aunt are still alive, but they weren’t my parents siblings, and I think the only time I saw these relatives in the past 15 years was at my parents funerals.

In Dec. 2007, the last of my dad’s siblings died weeks before I and many cousins gathered at a wedding.  We were the rebel generation, against all those values our parents held as true.  And we laughed at memories and wondered if we’d ever achieve the wisdom we’d only recently understood, that our parents shared.

Barely more than two years later, the only remaining sibling of my parents is gone.   And when the call came to me, not only did the distance of miles between Ohio and Oregon evaporate, so did the distance of time.  I was suddenly 8 again, running through my Aunt Eileen’s home dodging tables and all the ladies, in their dresses, serving food.  Chasing cousins through the men standing out in the yard with their beers and loud jokes.  I was suddenly 12, running around with my cousins in the new house in the country.  So much more land to explore!  Aunt Eileen standing on the porch, wearing slacks, calling us in because it was time to eat.

Still in my childhood time-warp, holding the silent cell phone, I turned around and looked at my grandsons in my kitchen.  Someday – they will be where I am – I hope their memories are as grand.

About Terri Patrick
Writer of Romance and Memoir. Life is an adventure, take that journey.

2 Responses to an era ends

  1. Rose says:

    Makes you begin to face your own mortality!!! I know I find myself thinking of it more each week!!!


  2. terripatrick says:

    I was thinking more about the plethora of stories and experiences already lived, and seeing the wonder of so many more to come.


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