Rogues and Bad Boys

I’m anticipating full-time childcare days through April, part-time in May and being done in June.   One friend asked if I had lost a bet.  Another friend marvels that I have paused my life for granny time.  Some days I feel both are true!  Yet, a writer’s greatest truths come from living the challenges of life.

Another friend has pointed out that I jump into challenges others would avoid like the plague.   I’ll explore this aspect of my psyche with my sisters at the end of June.

Until then, I’m researching all kinds of new developments in this new publishing paradigm that no one really has a clue what will be…  5 out of the big 6 publishers has attempted to be proactive and make new policies.   If you’re looking to publish – check out the odd one. Wisdom requires patience and maybe Random House and all it’s affiliates will benefit from that patience.  It’s possible Mike Shatzkin posted his insights before the Ingram announcement of not doing business with the other 5, as of April 1st…  There’s big drama and conflict in the world of publishing and not just inside the covers of a book.  🙂

Now – to the title of this post – it has nothing to do with any political game.  It’s specific to my NEW FAVE research book!  Bullies, Bastards & Bitches – how to write the bad guys of fiction by Jessica Page Morrell.  (I got my copy from Wonder Book. Awesome price, service & green packaging!)   That was a plug for the bookseller – authors need to understand it is the bookseller (and the librarian) that has the direct connection with the reader.

What I am learning, in Ms. Morrell’s book, is about the DARK personalities that create compelling characters and amazing stories that matter to readers.  I truly haven’t had time, in my current life, to study psychosis, neurosis, predators and sociopaths.   While a rogue character can still have a spark of redemption in their profile -they are still an anti-hero in dire need of transformation.  Hmm, OK, I am a bit amused that a recent political figure is proud of “going rogue”.

I am not done reading this well-written and engaging book by Ms. Morrell.  There’s tons of cools stuff in the pages about bad boys, villains and creators of mayhem.  I still have pages to go yet, including Chapter 9;  “Sympathy for the Devil” and Chapter 10; “Bitches: Dangerous Women”.   Hee Hee!

Along the same lines, one cool TED talk on The Myth of Violence by Steven Pinker is fascinating for it’s historical data in comparison to current horrors.  I watched this talk today and my friend Linda Mercury also posted about historical relevancy.

It’s really hard to accept that we’re living in awesome times where beauty abounds and the majority of humanity is well fed and watered under a solid roof.  Fortunately, Hans Rosling is happy to share this information, and he can swallow a sword.

Hidden talents, secrets and shadows.  That’s what fiction reveals.  I love it!

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