news waves

Everyday is bringing some type of news from family and friends, about babies, deaths, concerns and new possibilities.  I’ve advised on menus, plotted parties, and checked star charts, but my daily focus is on full time child care.  I’ve relaxed into the flow with my grandson, and just playing house, this next month or two.

Publishing world news is operating at mach speed through changes of venue, and shifts along the book distribution chains.  I’m reading through the journey via blogs, and enjoying the ride.  Controversy one day heralds new technology the next and the whole balance shifts around the globe.  How fun!

I usually miss the point of political jokes, so when a friend posted on FB about how she usually tosses her old “tea bags” I didn’t get she was referencing the latest rogue inspired Tea Party in Searchlight, NV.   I looked up the event and felt amused at how much energy is whipped up by those saying so little, in an effort to benefit very few.  At least this Tea Party was a bonus to the local economy hosting the event.

In my writing life, I am refilling my creative well with personal journaling, letting my current projects rest for the delight of precious time full of exercise and laughter.  The phone rings constantly but it’s usually Ed’s work or news about airplane activities in his, and his friends, lives.  Today there was also news a friend’s dad took a turn for the worse.

But there was one phone call specific for me, while my 18 mos old grandson was getting ready for bed in his own home, he said, “Grandma”.

And that piece of news eclipses everything else in my life.  🙂

About Terri Patrick
Writer of Romance and Memoir. Life is an adventure, take that journey.

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  1. Good post! Poignant and true.


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