an artist date

Saturday’s workshop speaker was Lucy Monroe, an amazing woman, speaker and writer.  She had spinal surgery on Tuesday for a herniated disc that the doctor stated was more than huge.   Her husband and daughter helped her attend our meeting.  She was allowed to sit and speak to us though she wasn’t on pain meds because they make her nauseous.  Inspired yet?  How about if I told you she was engaging, made us laugh often, and made us take notes like we hadn’t in years.  The topic of her talk?

Recovering from Burnout.

She was sharing what she’s learned as a creative type, an artist with words, a storyteller.  Lucy will probably take her own advice and recover from surgery to inspire us even more.

Lucy also shared a lot more, like how to avoid Burnout.  🙂  This needs to be repeated often to the creative type personality.  Take a break, refill your well, make an artist’s date with yourself.  A few hours a week, just you, doing something that feels good.

Mine was a trip to the Oregon coast on Sunday.  I had a specific agenda to justify the two hour drive west.  Ed came along for the drive.  We checked out the hotel room my sisters and I will share in June for our 3rd sister’s weekend.  The first was in 1999, the second in 2007.  I’m thrilled it’s only been three years!  I can’t explain how a weekend with my sisters refills the well of my personal essence.  It’s not taking a break from life, it’s reconnecting with that essence within.  Ten years ago, I would not have understood, or realized I would find it with my sisters.  We are so different!

That’s why I had to drive to the coast to see the potential hotel room we would share.  I had to experience the view and walk the path from our room to the conference location.  I was the one who chose the venue, the primary destination, the initial gathering.  Oh, the gathering.  I’m a redhead, Rose is a brunette, and Sharon is more blond.  Like the Witches of Eastwick!

This reminds me of – the power of three – I’ll post about that tomorrow.

Until then, here’s the current title and tag line for my memoir:

THE WILL TO LOVE – true stories of a sittin’ mom and her family; from grade school to weddings, through funerals and feuds, with self-control and chocolate.

What do you think about that?

Thanks for your comments.

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