charmed three

The power of three is a plot device that begins with a surprise, repeats to deepen the drama, then, once more it seems the story is into a repeat but suddenly there’s a twist, change, transformation.  When not done well, the reader hits that third repeat with a groan and slides through the transformation with a, “Duh!”  When done well, the reader is so engaged they want to cheer and stamp their feet in triumph.

For stress relief, three cleansing breaths are the charm.  The first breath is acknowledging there is stress, the second is to release the stress, the third breath is to inhale peace.

If I am puzzled about a personal issue, I like to meditate and pray for a sign or message.  It is common for me to get the answer in three ways, something I read, hear and see.   This is now a personal practice for me, if I feel a decision needs to be made or a goal set.  I’m prone to enthusiasm, lots of things catch my attention and I feel it is something I want to do.  My method of requesting three signs or messages is how I choose where to put my energy.

Last week I had three yes and three no messages for a non-issue, non-goal, at the moment.  It made me wonder if this was a goal to consider.  It was so concentrated it was funny.  When I want to laugh about a message, it means I need to pay attention.  It’s also amusing I am not in a position to act on either the yes or no message, for a few months.

Which means I need to consider the potentials.  The choice will be mine.  Two sides of the same coin.  Both goals would require tons of work and bushels of enthusiasm, when the time is right.  Which isn’t today or even this month.  But…

I got my surprise.  I’m paying attention now and the drama is deepening.  I have to consider which will be the greater challenge.  That’s probably the route I’ll eventually take.  I love a challenge, the greater the challenge the sweeter the success.  When I make a choice it will be one where I will cheer and stamp my feet.

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Writer of Romance and Memoir. Life is an adventure, take that journey.

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