Jessica and Ella’s Pink Lady

I’ve been following this amazing journey since around Thanksgiving.  Jessica Watson, the youngest to sail around the world non-stop.  She and Ella’s Pink Lady are almost at their final destination.  I love amazing stories by real people but this one has fascinated me for months on two levels.

The first level is sort of intellectual and inspiring because so many of us can follow this journey.  Through technology we can experience any part of this epic adventure, by point-n-click.   Not only that, but hundreds of people feel connected with Jessica while she’s in the middle of the ocean!  Each post on her blog receives hundreds of comments.

The greater delight I have is in Jessica, as she consistently posts about her adventure.  She already had the skill and passion for being at one with the sea prior to launch.  Yet through squalls and stillness, mechanical and electrical issues, sunsets and dawns, day after day for months within the world of Ella’s Pink Lady, her enthusiasm remains excellent.  It’s in her voice.  What she writes on her blog.  Her honesty.  Her delight in nature.  Her spirit of adventure thrives as she faces challenges with confidence.

My first sailing adventure was about when Jessica was beginning her journey.  It was awesome but it was only a few hours on a river and I watched in awe as others knew what to do.

Jessica and Ella’s Pink Lady is an epic adventure that I’m sure will make an amazing book and movie because her voice is genuine.   I’m also sure that Jessica will forever be more at home on the ocean than she will be with the limelight of fame awaiting her at the dock.  I’m also thrilled at the potential that Jessica’s story can remain forever current in cyberspace, to inspire many who may not know anything about her until they get a link.

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