The big event

Saturday was our annual RCRW Readers Luncheon.  This event is to personally connect authors and readers.  Over 200 attendees from WA to CA assembled in Portland, OR to celebrate the world of romance, and support our local literacy organization. This was the 10th and last luncheon, I’ve attended the past eight.  This was our last because it’s become too big and we’ll reassess for smaller venues, more often, through our partnerships with Borders and Powell’s bookstores.

Our featured speaker, Jane Porter, is my favorite contemporary woman’s fiction author.  Jane is sitting, Lucy Monroe is in pink.  Lucy was the featured speaker in 2009.  Both of these women are active promoters of literacy, couples counseling, empowering women, stopping domestic violence and much more.

RCRW donates proceeds from our basket raffle to the Portland Literacy Council.  Last year our donations funded GED scholarships for more than 20 individuals.

The woman in black is one of the recipients of a GED scholarship RCRW sponsored, and she is now taking college classes.  The woman in white manages the GED scholarship grants and feels like “mom” to each adult she mentors through the tests.

The lady on the left is the director of the Portland Literacy Council.

There were many group shots at the luncheon and with the enthusiasm so high, some of us (me) forget to take our reading glasses off for the picture.  Featured are:  Kristina McMorris, Delilah Marvelle, me, Kaylin McFarrin, Mary Lou Wilson and Mae Pen in front.

One of the awesome reader appreciation aspects of this luncheon are the raffle baskets.  Proceeds from the sale of tickets for these baskets, full of books and all sorts of goodies, is what is donated to PLC.  This year there were 95 baskets to win, which made the odds pretty good for the 200 attendees.  Yet, each year there is someone that wins at least 3 baskets.  This year it was me.

I hoped to win a basket because I haven’t added new authors or categories to my to-be-read pile in a few years and was ready for something new to read.  From those 3 baskets I now have about 60 novels – half of which are marketed as steamy, erotic, and hot.  Could there be a message here for me?   LOL!  I won’t know until I start reading.

Good times ahead!

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