The next stage

Yesterday I kissed my grandson good-bye, the last time as his full-time caregiver.  Whew!  Will there be days I miss it?  Maybe, but I’ll get over it.  There will be sporadic days and that’s what this grandma wants, with lots of rest between those days.  Now, how much exercise I get is my choice and not dictated by a toddler.

The calendar on the wall in my cabin office showed August 2009.  I’ve been in my office since then, but my core writing tools were in the house, so those sporadic visits were for storage and sanctuary.   There’s two based-on-true-events writing projects in process and I know these past months are part of The End, or at least an epilogue.   Art mirrors life but when you’re living the life part, it can take a long time until you have those specific events that become a few sparkling pages of art.

By noon today I had shifted binders, books, storyboards, and the printer, back into my office.  It’s a bit disorganized but after cleaning and moving, I sat down and savored the space while the music played.  It’s going to take a few days to get into a productive routine.  🙂  I also have dozens of books to read!

I have a project from a critique partner to review, and a presentation proposal to draft.  Then I should be ready to work on a query, some edits, and eventually decide which one of the on-hold projects to make a priority.  Fiction or nonfiction?

It’s time to begin the next stage of my life, however it will look.

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