time to query

OK – the message from the universe is telling me it’s time to send out queries about my book, to agents.  Two weeks ago I discussed new marketing strategies with author friends, two booksellers, and a new agent who doesn’t do nonfiction.

This week agent blogs have focused on queries, one even ran a contest for readers to act like an agent.  Another agent posted that writers have become a hot commodity.  I have queried in the past and the rejections were very nice and fast, but it’s a whole different story now – and no longer a memoir.  🙂

It’s time to suck it up and put my writing out there again.   Mom and Dad’s wedding anniversary is on Saturday, May 1st.  I’ll use that as a good energy omen for promoting their love story and finding me a publishing partner.

Following is what I feel would be a good query but comments and suggestions would be appreciated.  What do you think?  Do you feel you have an idea of the story and the style?  Do you know this is horribly nerve-wracking?

Begin Query –

Dear Agent,

(Insert personal connection and sincere flattery)  🙂

I’m requesting representation of my nonfiction book THE WILL TO LOVE – true tales of my sittin’ mom; from grade school to grandchildren, through funerals and feuds, with self-control and chocolate.

These stories would appeal to readers of Erma Bombeck or Jane Porter, with their deep humor and touching reality.

THE WILL TO LOVE is 62,000 words (230 pages) and spans the 46 years after mom was paralyzed from polio, during desegregation and the free thinking 1960’s.  The personal essays and narratives begin with an overview of our family life and annual holiday celebrations.

The devil is in the details through the middle of the book.  These details include chocolate and finger exercises, a visit to a healer priest, when the nuns became militant and stopped wearing habits, wedding dramas of five children and a feud that was horribly polite but lasted 19 years, the rest of my parents life.

During their retirement years, the exceptional romance between my parents really bloomed.  As my dad stated once, “I’m a lucky man because no matter how mad she get at me, I still get to undress my wife every night.”

End Query.   About me information here.


Time for wine.

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