the other man

We watched Sherlock Holmes and The Other Man.  I recommend both movies.

Two things happened today.  Our youngest, who turns 21 in July, mentioned she hoped to watch the Sherlock Homes movie sometime soon.  She also stated Dr. Holmes was a cocaine addict and this was sort of alluded to in the movie.  This has an element of truth and reflecting on the movie and my knowledge of how cocaine was perceived in that historical time frame – well – the attitude toward drugs was different a century ago.

It was The Other Man that made me sit up and think.  The way this film is constructed is pure art.  It is subtle, raises questions, and takes the viewer on a journey of confusion through past and present, emotion and judgments.  Even as the movie ends, the observer is compelled to view it again.  So much to absorb!  What really was happening?  Back and forth in time, on a spiral.

And I’m thinking about my dad.

My dad.  The most narrow-minded, opinionated, strict disciplinarian.  My dad.  The most compassionate, service oriented, teacher.  I remember when I realized my dad had a sense of humor.  I remember when I realized I made more money than my dad.

I can see where I mirror my dad.  He was always – and will always be –  The Other Man in my life.

I am so proud to be, my daddy’s – little girl.

Thanks for your comments.

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