The next project – dads

I’ve been trying to decide on my next writing project.  Fiction or nonfiction, that is the question.  I love writing fiction but there is a lot of noise through book world about BRAND, VOICE and having three books that are consistent in theme and tone so you build reader loyalty.  Since I’m marketing a nonfiction project, the logical step for my career is to write two more.

I do have two more book-length nonfiction projects, one has been on the shelf for eight years, the other is a collection of ideas in a chaos of files.  The issue is, these are true stories from my life, full of conflict and wild characters within a family in trauma.  The one on the shelf was a scary time for me as a mom of teens.  Gee, who wants to revisit those memories?   Not me, and I’m thrilled to have 60+ novels here to read instead.  But a writer writes.  It’s not a choice.  It’s a voice.  It’s a passion.  With a reason.  It’s a lifestyle.

Today I was reminded (again!) that there are a lot of young dad’s out there who don’t have a good example of how to be a dad.  There are dad’s out there who’ve been abandoned or abused and they are trying not to continue this pattern on their young children.

The Will to Love shows my dad as a man who met a challenge and excelled, which is why the love story between my parents is the main theme, with my voice as the daughter.

In this shelved project, it’s my voice as the mom, about events that spanned about six months (years!) which could have destroyed my family if it wasn’t for the dad.  Yes, my daughters have a good dad, with a reputation as the fun parent, a dad with no desire to be in charge of anything (outside of his career) other than adventures with his girls.  But when his teen imploded, he tucked his fears and emotions into a corner for a few weeks and brought his business skills and flight training forth.  He rose above the trauma and saved the day, bringing our family into a better life.

So tomorrow I’ll suck it up and unearth this eight year old project from its resting phase.  I have a reason to revisit those memories and trauma.  Not only do I know young dad’s who have no example how to be good dads, I also now have five grandsons who deserve to see how the grandpa, who mixes up their names, is also a hero who didn’t crumble and run when times were tough.   Not a war hero, a family hero, when the stakes were as high as life and death.

A dad who became a stellar man for a time when it mattered.

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