old project – new view

Today was a trip down memory lane because I pulled an eight-year-old project off the shelf.  I didn’t spend much time reading those pages.  Instead I delighted in reading the comments and advice from the writing teacher I worked with for two years on this project.

Writer’s Digest now has online workshops but ten years ago it was a snail mail school format with a teacher.  I took both the Personal and Life Stories course and then the Advanced Novel Writing workshop because my teacher felt the story would be better fictionalized.  That was after she told me to give up writing, and I refused.  🙂  My teacher Gloria Kempton and I completed our working relationship in the summer of 2001 but did meet for lunch in Seattle in 2003.   I put that project on the shelf after 9/11 and had returned to romance world with a vengeance, in 2003 I was already shopping one contemporary romance manuscript and working on another.

My delight today was reviewing who I am now as a writer; with ten years of dedication, craft books, critique groups, workshops, classes and conferences, in my tool box.  It was like seeing myself dipping my toes into pool back then, where as now I’m up to my neck, though I still have little confidence using punctuation.

I’m excited to delve into this story from my past.  I’m sure it still has the power to ravage my emotions but now I have the skill to turn those conflicts and drama into a connection with readers.  I can also be more objective and see, yeah, it’s got a high concept, great title, inciting incident and unique hook.  All it needs now is my voice.

So now the question is – first person or third?

About Terri Patrick
Writer of Romance and Memoir. Life is an adventure, take that journey.

2 Responses to old project – new view

  1. rose lefebvre says:

    I always say first person but do not know much about this…


  2. terripatrick says:

    Yeah, I’m doing it in first person for the first draft. Writing the first 7 pages today went rather well.


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