it’s memoir again

Today’s workshop speaker was Alice Orr.  It was the 4th time we’ve met.  The first time was 1996 at a NJRW chapter meeting.  I had sent a few manuscripts to editors at Harlequin and the latest rejection included the advice to join RWA, which led to joining my local chapter.   At the second meeting I attended, a woman sat beside me and asked about my writing.  She was fun and full of advice then gave me her card so when I was ready for an agent, I could contact her.  It was years before I did, with a nonfiction proposal, as she was closing her agency.

In 2004 we are both living in the Pacific NW and she taught an all day workshop for RCRW and I was the chapter treasurer and contest coordinator.  After the workshop a group of us when to dinner.

In 2007 we met at the PNWC in Seattle, recognized each other and chatted.  I was a  year into writing my memoir and there to learn, she was promoting her book, No More Rejections, which I own and use.

So today, (3 years later, again!) she let us pitch our stories to her.  I pitched my new project as dramatic nonfiction but she disagreed.  If it’s my life – it’s memoir.  🙂   I recently sent out a few queries stating my complete memoir is nonfiction, some to agents who don’t do memoir.  Sigh!

Fortunately, I have great notes and handouts from an amazing workshop today.  I’ve got a new project in process and am going to tuck into those 50 Secrets to Writing a Manuscript that Sells.  I just realized the nonfiction proposal I sent Alice as she was closing her agency, is a the same project I just pulled off the shelf after its eight year rest.

I’ve signed up to follow Alice’s blog.  It’s called:  Publishing Can Make Sense.  I’ll believe that when I see it!  LOL!

3 thoughts on “it’s memoir again

  1. jenean c gilstrap

    well, i’m headed over to her site, too – thanks so much for sharing your story – something to look forward to [or not]!!! 😉 have a great day and thanks so much for dropping by my place – your visits are always a welcome sight!!!


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