“Be bold and great forces will come to your aid.  You and your work are part of the ongoing story of the world.”  Alice Orr

Mother’s Day was quiet and the weather glorious.  I’m a mom who prefers not to be wined and dined or doused with presents, cards or flowers.  For many years, Mother’s Day was one of the few times in the year when I was granted a whole day of solitude to read and write.  In recent years it’s my day to contemplate the whole me, which includes strong mom energy no longer focused on our girls because they are independent, amazing women.

Yesterday I washed my car, plucked weeds and just wandered, my mind was busy with characterization exercises that I see as even more important because my current project is nonfiction.  What were my real strengths and motivations back then?  Who were we, really, in these recently unearthed memories?

The “ongoing story” from Alice’s quote is what’s swirling around me.  I am an observer, a supporting character, in the current drama that is closely tied to the same story thirteen years ago when I was a main character.  My goal is the same today as it was then, the well being of our family, through joys and challenges.  The trial of the moment must be faced with knowledge, accountability, loyalty and strength.  Which brings me to the theme of my thoughts and another quote from Alice, and how she faced the challenge of breast cancer.

“AFOG – another f—ing opportunity for growth.”

About Terri Patrick
Writer of Romance and Memoir. Life is an adventure, take that journey.

One Response to AFOG

  1. Love that final quote. I bet a lot of us don’t fully realise those opportunities for growth.


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